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Employees with the need for conversation therapy or coaching get a more efficient course with quicker and better results. We apply smart and resource-saving tools and we take care of employee and the administration of conversations - one website and one single invoice. Your employees will have free choice of treatment and get back to work quickly. GoMentor makes it easy for the employers to comply with the requirements of the Danish Working Environment Service.

GoMentor can contribute with the following package deals:

Psychic crisis package

Gives the employers the chance to get critical crisis-psychological assistance at severe circumstances. Includes a psychic crisis plan.

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General psychological agreement

Free deal - where you as an employer is in charge of the guidelines for the employees conversation therapy - for instance, problem type. The employees can freely choose among more than 250 counsellors within the guidelines.

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Psychic first aid

A psychological crisis readiness for businesses, that gives them the chance to get critical crisis-psychological assistance at severe circumstances.

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Psychic job satisfaction check

Prevent psychic employee attrition and take the temperature on the organisations and the employees psychic well-being. Find activities, that should be applied in the organisation.

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Companies, who have used GoMentor

My Travel Doc is an international and virtuel medical service that provides online medical care and examination to Danes, who need help during their travels abroad. It often happens that there is a need for psychology aid for our patients abroad, and we always apply GoMentor, due to the fact that they have online psychologists available 24/7.

Mikkel Mortensen, Healthcare Manager, My Travel Doc

We needed a professional conversation partner for an unemployed, who was fighting to be ready for the job market after some difficult experiences. The citizen himself contacted GoMentor to get guidance in regards to finding the right chemistry that would create the best background for a positive development in his way back to the job market. Afterwards the career place took care of the practical papirwork together with GoMentor and everyone had a good experience with the cooperation.

Maria Bach, AMC Karrierestedet (Career place) Copenhagen Municipality

Many members are unaware of their future right after being fired, and they do not know where to go with their issues. At GoMentor they get access to a broad range of conversation partners, who can help them to move on. It is a lot about the job cut not turning into a potential trauma, and effective conversations can prevent that from happening and get the issues to fall into place in a proper manner, so the member becomes ready for a new job.

HK, Denmark

After a violent robbery in our store that involved physical assault and weapons, we needed immediate help from psychologists. We contacted GoMentor and in just a few hours we had gotten an experienced psychologist at the scene of the crime, who could make a crisis intervention. GoMentor also found psychologists for the follow-up treatment of the psychological work-related injuries that the robbery had inflicted.

Expert store

Miracle had a very appreciated employee with irreplaceable competence and experience. That same employee also had some psychic issues, which affected his work effort. GoMentor found a professional conversation partner, which created calmness surrounding the employee and helped him get back to his best.

Lasse Christensen, CEO Miracle A/S

An employee at Saxo Bank stood by a crossroad regarding his future career. The balance between private- and worklife was at stake. A course with a counsellor from GoMentor made it possible for the employee to prioritize and get more energy and time to perform and deliver results to Saxo Bank. A modest investment with a great effect.

Louise Lambert Nielsen, Executive Assistent Saxo Bank

An experienced employee was suddenly involved in an emergency crisis situation, that required immediate action. As a subscriber for GoMentor's Crisis package we were able to get the first management handling of the crisis. Good guidance and education made us able to provide the employee with the right psychic first aid. A time with a psychologist was quickly booked, and the traumatic experience was treated. The effective help from GoMentor made the management look strong and the employee was able to return back to work without any after-effects from the incident.

Søren Christiansen, Partner at Insourze

A couple of students witnessed a traffic accident involved people getting hurt and the students were affected by it. We contacted GoMentor on their crisis hotline and got help with the psychic first aid as well as getting a crisis psychologist on the scene in just a few hours. It is easy, quick and effective. We appeared to by experts in handling a crisis thanks to GoMentor.

Saskia Bisp, TV Glad Fagskole Ringsted

Fanefjord desperately needed a psychologist that could work with an occupant's anger and the experiences, that was responsible for the occupant's aggressive behaviour. Fanefjord contacted GoMentor and quickly got in touch with psychologists with expertise on the the specific area. A successful course requires good chemistry, and luckily one of the psychologist was a good match with the angry occupant.

Fanefjord Fond

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If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.