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Unspecified Tic Disorder

An unspecified tic disorder is one that includes symptoms of two or more of the other types of tic disorders commonly diagnosed. Because of this, the signs of unspecified tic disorder may be very similar to other tic disorders like Tourette's syndrome. The causes of this disorder center around problems with the brain, although it can be hereditary as well. Whatever the cause of this tic disorder, there are many dangers and risks when it is left untreated. Online therapy with professionals here at GoMentor.com is helpful, but first take a closer look at the symptoms and risks of unspecified tic disorder.

Symptoms of Unspecified Tic Disorder 

Although there is some that is unspecified about this tic disorder, the symptoms are going to generally include those from two or more other tic disorders. It is this appearance of symptoms from multiple disorders that gives this one its name. That said, the signs of unspecified tic disorder generally include excessive blinking and other facial tics, vocal tics like clearing the throat, coughing, or making noises may also appear. The exact symptoms are going to be different from person to person, but they are easy to see if you are looking.

Dangers and Risks of Unspecified Tic Disorder

Besides the unknown nature of this disorder, there are other serious risks involved if it is diagnosed. For one, there is the chance that it may lead to a more serious case of Tourette's syndrome or a chronic motor or vocal tic disorder. Even if the problem does not escalate, there are dangers that come with unspecified tic disorder. Left untreated, it can lead to other mental disorders appearing, including depression and other self-destructive behaviors that can cause serious harm. This is why treatment for unspecified tic disorder is so important.


Treatment for Unspecified Tic Disorder 

Even though the word unspecified is in the name of this tic disorder, there are many treatment options available. Here at GoMentor.com, we believe in online therapy that combines guidance by trained therapists and group counseling that is available online all the time. Depending on the severity of the symptoms of unspecified tic disorder, treatment options may vary slightly, but they generally center around speech therapy and counseling to help with emotional support so other mental disorders don't become a problem. Online treatment from highly skilled therapists at GoMentor.com may be just what you need to deal with everything associated with an unspecified tic disorder.

Definition of Unspecified Tic Disoder

An unspecified tic disorder is one that shows symptoms of two or more of the other tic disorders. The appearance of symptoms from multiple disorders leads to it being called unspecified.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Unspecified Tic Disoder

  • Motor tics - facial tics
  • Vocal tics - sounds, occasionally swearing
  • Social problems
  • Academic troubles

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