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TrypanophobiaThough the term needle phobia is much more commonly used, trypanophobia specifically describes a very specific fear of needles used in medical procedures. It is a phobia that is interlaced with a fear of injections, blood, and medical procedures in general. It is present in an alarming number of adults in the U.S.A. Many scientists believe that the fear is evolutionary in its origins, stemming from a time when people had to go out of the way to avoid stab wounds. Still others hypothesize that it is a genetic phobia. Either way, the side effects are very real and can put your health at hazard if not addressed. This is why we have online therapy for trypanophobia here at

Symptoms of Trypanophobia

Manifesting in four different types of trypanophobia, the symptoms of this phobia can change slightly depending on exactly which kind you suffer from specifically. For example, several sufferers of trypanophobia faint at the sight or thought of needles due to a sudden and severe drop in blood pressure. On the other hand, people who associate needles with something negative are more likely to become nervous and agitated in the presence of needles or during any kind of testing. Sufferers of trypanophobia who dislike the trapped feeling they get during a medical procedure are labeled as resistive and can exhibit combative behavior and typical fight or flight responses. Still other sufferers have a heightened sense of pain, and therefore dread the feeling of a needle. As such, many trypanophobics also end up developing other extreme fears, with a fear of doctors being the most common.

  • Panic or anxiety when dealing with an injection
  • Fainting at the sight of a needle
  • Avoiding seeking medical help because it might mean getting an injection or test of some kind
  • Combative behavior when seeing a needle
  • A seemingly irrational fear of the pain a needle might cause

While many phobias can be dangerous, trypanophobia is one of the very few that can actually kill you. Extreme sufferers often tend to avoid all medical care and thus neglect their own health. For those sufferers who are prone to fainting, the severe drop in blood pressure does hold a very real possibility of death. On a less serious note, many people may not understand the depth of the fear, dismissing both it and the sufferer as trivial which can lead to demoralization and isolation. Because of these dangers, seeking proper treatment for trypanophobia is important.

Treatment for Trypanophobia

There are a variety of treatment options for trypanophobia, including online therapy here at With trained therapists who specialize in all types of phobias as well as counselling that includes emotional support and guidance, the online treatment with GoMentor 24/7 is one of the more complete ways to deal with all the symptoms and dangers of trypanophobia.

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