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Transient Tic Disorder

Transient tic disorder is a mild form of Tourette's syndrome that temporarily causes the appearance of various motor or vocal tics. These involuntary movements are usually repetitive and may include eye blinking, grimacing, clearing the throat, or making animal sounds. In general, the symptoms of transient tic disorder are mild, which makes treatment for this tic disorder very successful. The online therapy you can get here at may be able to help. Before looking into that more, here are some other bits of information you'll want to know about transient tic disorder.

Causes of Transient Tic Disorder

The exact causes of this tic disorder are not known, but they can be physical or mental. In some cases, it is thought to be a mild form of Tourette's syndrome, so it may include some of the causes associated with that tic disorder. Some believe that the same areas of the brain that are affected in other tic disorders is damaged with transient tic disorder, but for some reason the damage is not serious enough to continue to be a problem. This is especially true when treatment is given for transient tic disorder.

Symptoms of Transient Tic Disorder 

If the motor or vocal tics are not consistent and only happen occasionally, it is a sign of transient tic disorder rather than full blown Tourette's syndrome. The symptoms include those commonly found with other tic disorders, including excessive eye blinking, making coughing noises, grimacing, or other facial or vocal tics. The biggest thing to look for is inconsistency in the appearance of the tics. Even if the symptoms are mild, treatment for transient tic disorder is recommended.


Treatment for Transient Tic Disorder 

Online therapy for transient tic disorder here at combines trained therapists and the power of the Internet to communicate from remote locations at all hours of the day or night. Because of the mild nature of the symptoms of transient tic disorder, treatment has a high chance of being successful in reducing the appearance of symptoms and the avoidance of other mental problems that may have been caused by the tic disorder. When left untreated, transient tic disorder may lead to a more serious problem like chronic motor or vocal tic disorder.

Definition of Transient Tic Disorder

Transient tic disorder is a temporary condition that causes vocal or motor tics - involuntary and repetitive movements. Exact symptoms will vary from person to person but generally include the sudden appearance of physical tics (especially facial tics) or vocal tics like grunting, moaning, snorting or clearing the throat. Therapy and counseling are both helpful with this mild form of Tourette's disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Transient Tic Disorder

  • Excessive blinking ans squinting
  • Grimacing repeatedly or other facial tics like scrunching of the nose
  • Clearing the throat repeatedly or making other involuntary and repetitive sounds

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