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Temping Services and Interim Management

Temping services and interim managementWhat is Temping Services and Interim Management?

GoMentor partners specialising in Temping Services and Interim Management provide services to both public sector and private customers within a wide range of areas such as healthcare, industry, administration, transport, finances, logistics, hospitality, canteens and restaurants. A temping agency enters into an agreement with an agency worker with the aim of making them available to a company on an interim basis. This worker is then employed by the temping agency under terms and conditions which imply that the person in question is temporarily made available to a company. Interim Management offers companies the chance to get an experienced manager or expert on site very quickly, and perhaps only very briefly. Temporary staff may be highly qualified specialists and managers, as well as unskilled workers. Likewise, temporary staff may carry many years of experience or be newly qualified. As temporary staff are required in many different industries, this obviously places great demands on temping agencies who fulfil the role of employers.

GoMentor partners in Temping Services and Interim Management are greatly experienced with extensive knowledge of the regulations and conditions pertaining to the sectors in which they work. Sign up to GoMentor 24/7 today and get professional business coaching for your company.

Benefits of Temping Services and Interim Management

  • Quality assignment of temporary staff
  • Thorough examination of the company’s temporary staffing requirements
  • Thorough examination of the temporary worker's skills
  • Confidentiality surrounding the customer’s situation
  • Thorough interviews
  • Professionally relevant tests
  • Personal profile analysis (PPA)

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