Spelling Disorder

Spelling Disorder

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Some may think that bad spelling is just a sign of laziness, but spelling disorder is a learning disability that actually affects many people. Because it is connected to language, there may be other learning disorders present as well. Symptoms include difficulty spelling, trouble with reading comprehension, as well as other related problems.

In the past there were few options for people with this learning disability, but today things are different. Here on GoMentor.com, you can find trained therapists who can assist with spelling disorders. This learning disability tends to be passed down from parents to their children.

Symptoms and Dangers of Spelling Disorder

For most people, the appearance of two or more of the following signs may indicate a spelling disorder: reading problems, trouble spelling, other learning disabilities, trouble with phonics. Beyond these reading problems because of problems with spelling, there may be other emotional and psychological damage.

If a spelling disorder is not treated, it may get better on its own, but the risks of developing other disorders may increase. This is why it is important to seek treatment and help with a spelling disorder. Before calling someone stupid or lazy because they can't spell, it may be time to get a diagnosis so that treatment can be sought. Here are some questions to ask to see if a diagnosis may be necessary.

  • Does your child struggle with naming things quickly and accurately when reading or speaking?
  • Does your child to rely primarily on memorization skills rather than sounding out words?
  • Does your child confuse small words with few letters?
  • Does your child recognize words when reading, and then not seem to recognize the same word again later?

If some of the answers were yes, it may be time to seek treatment for a spelling disorder. There are other questions to ask as well, but these are some of the basic ones.


Treatment for Spelling Disorder

It's important to know that a spelling disorder can be embarrassing because most people assume you're "just dumb" and can't spell. On GoMentor.com you can book online therapy sessions with trained staff who know the facts about spelling disorders and can help alleviate the symptoms. From depression to other mental illnesses, a spelling disorder that is not treated could lead to many other serious problems.

The online counseling and therapy here at GoMentor.com can help with all the frustrations that come with a spelling disorder. Being able to talk about the problem with others who understand is an incredible way to make a bad situation a little bit easier to deal with. In the past there were not many options for people with a spelling disorder, but today more is known about the learning disability, so more can be done about it.

Definition of Spelling Disorder

Also known as a spelling-based form of dysgraphia, spelling disorders are disabilities that affect a person's ability to communicate with written language. Treatment for a spelling disorder is possible, with therapy and counseling being very helpful.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Spelling Disorder

  • Poor spelling
  • Reading problems
  • Other learning disabilities
  • Problems with phonics

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