Sleepwalking Disorder

Sleepwalking Disorder

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Also known as somnambulism, this sleep disorder causes people to experienced motor activity during sleep. It is important to make sure that drugs are not responsible for the strange sleep behavior. The exact movements will differ from person to person, but they range from simply sitting up into bed to performing complex tasks like walking or even sexual activity. The causes for this sleep disorder vary, but they will be explored carefully during treatment. Online treatment here at is a relatively new way to get help with sleepwalking disorder, but after looking more closely at this disorder, you may find that it's a good option.

Causes of Sleepwalking Disorder 

Genetics seems to play a small role in whether or not a person develops this sleeping disorder, although there are other factors that come into play as well. Other causes of sleepwalking may include drug use, alcohol abuse, or emotional stress. Hormonal changes at certain stages of life may also play a role in this sleep disorder developing. A wide variety of prescription medications list sleepwalking as a possible side effect. Whatever the cause of sleepwalking disorder, certain symptoms will appear.  If they do, taking action is important so that the risks that come with this disorder can be minimized or avoided altogether.

Symptoms and Dangers of Sleepwalking Disorder 

If a person consistently and repeatedly moved in bed - sitting up or even standing and walking - it may be a sign of sleepwalking disorder. Typically, people who have a sleepwalking episode will not remember their actions while they were sleepwalking. Many people will have relationship and other emotional problems due to the sleep disorder, which may also appear as symptoms. If not treated, sleepwalking disorder has a big chance of becoming worse over time, leading to other difficulties.

Treatment for Sleepwalking Disorder 

Depending on the exact nature of the cause of the sleepwalking disorder, treatment is going to be slightly different. This is why we have trained therapists who specialize in this and other sleep disorders here at who can help know exactly what is needed to help. For some people it may just be learning to deal more effectively with stress while others may require more extensive psychotherapy to help deal with the disorder. Whatever the case, online therapy here at is a modern way to get the help needed with sleepwalking disorder as well as other parasomnias.

Definition of Sleepwalking Disorder

Sleepwalking disorder is diagnosed when people have frequent episodes of motor activity - some quite complex - during sleep. Therapy and counseling are both recommended as part of any treatment plan for sleepwalking disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Sleepwalking Disorder

  • Rising in bed during sleep
  • Unresponsive when sleepwalking
  • No memory of the sleepwalking event
  • Social and relationship problems related to the sleepwalking

Sleepwalking Disorder

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