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Sleep Terror Disorder

Unlike nightmare terrors, sleep terror disorder usually affects a person during non-REM sleep. There are other differences as well. For one, a person will usually wake up fitfully and scream when affect by sleep terror disorder. Also, the dreams that cause the terror are usually not remembered. This may be due to them happening during the non-REM part of the sleep schedule. While there are differences, some of the same dangers exist with this sleep disorder, including problems with relationships or other emotional difficulties. We offer online therapy for sleep terror disorder here at because we understand the seriousness of this problem.

Causes of Sleep Terror Disorder

Some people may experience this sleep disorder because of a biological reason typically centering in the brain or with the nervous system. Heredity is also thought to play a small role in whether or not someone experiences this disorder. If there are no known medical causes and drugs are not present, sleep terror disorder may also be brought on by stress or intense emotional trauma. Whatever the exact cause of this sleep disorder, it can be quite a terrifying experience to deal with.  

Symptoms and Dangers of Sleep Terror Disorder 

If a person frequently wakes up soon after falling asleep and screams and moves around a lot, it may be a sign of sleep terror disorder. Another symptom is the inability to remember details about the dream. Beyond these obvious factors, there are other signs that may appear, including an anxiety about sleep, an avoidance of sleep, depression or other mental disorders. Because sleep is so important to overall health, this disorder can have serious effects on a person physically and emotionally. In addition, they may have a negative affect on interpersonal relationships.

Treatment for Sleep Terror Disorder 

Getting to the root cause of the problem is a big part of treatment for sleep terror disorder. This is why we have trained therapists here at who specialize in this sleep disorder. They can help uncover the reasons the bad dreams may be occurring. In addition, they can offer information and guidance when it comes to ways to deal with all the symptoms of sleep terrors. Online treatment can also include group therapy online, through our self-help forum, that allows people experiencing this and other sleep disorders to communicate with each other.

Definition of Sleep Terror Disorder

Sleep terror disorder causes a person to wake during non-REM sleep, typically soon after falling asleep. Therapy and counseling are both good ways to help with treatment of this sleep disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Sleep Terror Disorder

  • Waking fitfully with screaming
  • Not remembering details of the bad dream
  • Anxiety about sleep
  • Depression
  • Sleep avoidance

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