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Simple Schizophrenia

People who are affected by simple schizophrenia generally exhibit mild and non-psychotic emotional problems. Other symptoms of this type of schizophrenia include an inability to function productively in society, anti-social behavior, and trouble with personal hygiene. Other risks are associated with this type of schizophrenia, which is why treatment is recommended. On you can get online therapy that can help with simple schizophrenia, but first here is more information about the symptoms and dangers of simple schizophrenia. The exact causes of this mental illness are not fully understood, but there are many things that are known.

Symptoms of Simple Schizophrenia 

These are the general symptoms of simple schizophrenia.

  • In general, the non-psychotic nature of the schizophrenic episodes
  • Mild mood swings
  • Emotional disturbances that may have an effect on a person's ability to function productively in society
  • Poor hygiene

While these signs of simple schizophrenia may seem like they're not too much of a hassle, there are other risks that should be considered.

Dangers of Simple Schizophrenia 

While the symptoms of simple schizophrenia are generally mild, there are risks involved with this mental disorder. One of the biggest dangers of simple schizophrenia is the risk of developing more severe signs of a more specific type of schizophrenia. Also, there are the risks of persons afflicted with simple schizophrenia doing harm to them self, although this is not very common.

Treatment for Simple Schizophrenia 

Psychotherapy and counseling guided by done through online therapy sessions via can help with everything that is associated with simple schizophrenia. Due to the mildness of the symptoms, many people do nothing about the mental disorder. In turn this may cause it to become worse, especially if the mental disorder is not identified or understood. Online therapy for simple schizophrenia is a relatively new method to deal with this type of schizophrenia, but it can help with the support and guidance that is needed to overcome any mental illness, especially simple schizophrenia.

Definition of Simple Schizophrenia

Simple schizophrenia is a type of the psychotic disorder schizophrenia in which the symptoms are mild and don't exhibit psychotic traits. Symptoms of simple schizophrenia include inability to perform in society, poor hygiene and other minor physical and psychological problems. Treatment for this type of schizophrenia is possible with psychotherapy and counseling.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Simple Schizophrenia

  • Non-psychotic nature of episodes
  • Mild mood swings
  • Emotional disturbances

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