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Shared Psychotic Disorder

This is a rare mental illness, but it still has dangerous symptoms that may cause problems in a person's life. Basically, shared psychotic disorder occurs when one person who is suffering from delusions because of a psychotic disorder passes that delusion onto another person who is not affected by a mental illness. The second person is usually someone close to the person who has the psychotic disorder and problems with delusions. While rare, it can have serious consequences for people who otherwise leave quite normal lives. The good news is that treatment for shared psychotic disorder is possible with psychotherapy and counseling. On you can find therapists who offer online treatment for this mental illness, but before we go into that, here are some other things you should know about shared psychotic disorder.

Symptoms of Shared Psychotic Disorder 

Shared delusions that lack any other symptoms of a delusional disorder are a very good sign that a shared psychotic disorder may be a problem. Depending on the source of type of delusion, this mental disorder will manifest as a mirroring of the original patient's psychotic disorder. Confusion may also occur as a result of shared psychotic disorder. While these symptoms may not be as bad as those who suffer other types of psychotic disorders, there are still some dangerous risks associated with this mental illness. Because of this, getting treatment is important.

Dangers of Shared Psychotic Disorder 

The primary danger for someone suffering from a shared psychotic disorder depends on the symptoms and delusions of the person they are sharing the psychotic disorder with. The side effects of this may include physical or psychological harm to both people involved. Even though it is a very rare mental illness, treatment is still recommended.

Treatment for Shared Psychotic Disorder 

On, trained therapists combine psychotherapy with online counseling that can help both people involved with a shared psychotic disorder get the individual help that they need depending if they are the original person with the mental illness or someone close to them that is suffering from the same delusions and erratic behavior. Online therapy for shared psychotic disorder is relatively new, but it enables therapists to combine the power of psychotherapy with the real-time aspects of the Internet. This is a powerful combination that can help with shared psychotic disorders.

Definition of Shared Psychotic Disorder

Shared psychotic disorder is a rare mental illness that causes delusions that are affected by the delusional disorder of another person. Symptoms of shared psychotic disorder include delusions that are shared with the person suffering from long term psychotic disorders. Although rare, treatment for shared psychotic disorder is recommended.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Shared Psychotic Disorder

  • Shared delusions
  • Unusual behavior

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