Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual Dysfunctions

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Sexual dysfunctionsSexual dysfunctions can be an embarrassing problem to deal with, which is why some people don't seek treatment, even if the symptoms appear. This is a shame because there are many options for treating sexual dysfunctions. Here at, we believe in the power of psychotherapy and online treatment. No matter the exact type of sexual dysfunction, there are therapy and counseling solutions that can help. The causes of these problems vary, but there are many risks that come with them. Most problems revolve around personal relationships, but others problems like depression can appear as well. This is why getting proper treatment is important if a diagnosis is given for a sexual dysfunction.

Types of Sexual Dysfunctions

  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - Lack of sexual desire or sexual fantasies
  • Sexual Aversion Disorder - Avoidance of sexual activity that causes significant relationship problems. Possibility of sexual intercourse may cause panic attack
  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder - Problems a woman has with lubrication and swelling of the genitals during intercourse
  • Male Erectile Disorder - When the inability of a male to achieve an erection when stimulated has a negative impact on their life
  • Female Orgasmic Disorder - When the inability of a female to achieve orgasm causes distress and interpersonal problems
  • Male Orgasmic Disorder - When the inability of a make to achieve orgasm causes extreme personal and relationship problems
  • Premature Ejaculation - When a problem with males ejaculating too quickly causing problems in their life
  • Dyspareunia - Pain - physical or psychological - during intercourse  
  • Vaginismus - A spasm of the muscles surrounding the vagina that is involuntary
  • Excessive Sexual Drive - Once called nymphomania, this causes a person to obsess on sexual activity to the detriment of the rest of their life
  • Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction - When a person exhibits symptoms from two or more sexual dysfunctions, but the cause cannot be narrowed down to one

Causes and Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunctions

Depending on the exact sexual dysfunction being faces, the causes and symptoms will vary slightly. That said, they are thought to be primarily caused by problems in one or all of three areas - physical, psychological, and environmental. For some, actual physical problems with sex organs, is the cause of the dysfunction. For others, it is a mental issue. Lastly, abuse or other negative environments may have an effect on a person's sexual life. No matter the cause, if the symptoms appear, treatment with psychotherapy can help. Even with physical problems, there are many emotional angles to sexual dysfunctions that should be confronted.

  • Lack of sex drive
  • Avoidance of sex
  • Relationship problems
  • Problems performing during sex
  • Obsession with sexual activity
  • Problems during any stage of sexual intercourse

Treatment for Sexual Dysfunctions

Because the exact treatment is going to vary depending on the sexual dysfunction present, you can get help from trained therapists here at who specialize in all types of sexual disorders. They can help with online therapy via GoMentor 24/7 that includes counselling, psychotherapy and cognitive-havioural therapy - confidential and easily accessible. While sex is good, there are many problems that may arise and complicate a person’s sexual life. This can have a lasting effect on relationships as well, which is why treatment is so important.

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