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Sedative Abuse

Sedative abuseSedative abuse is a serious problem because the rates of relapse are very high for most people. Symptoms of sedative abuse include building up a tolerance to the drugs, various psychological problems, constant sleepiness and various other physical and mental problems. The other risks of sedative abuse point to the need for treatment from trained therapists who specialize in the abuse of sedatives - whether it is Thorazine (an anti-psychotic medication) or Ativan or Xanax (two minor tranquilizers.) We understand the specific needs for people who want treatment for long term sedative addiction.

Signs of Sedative Abuse

While the symptoms of sedative abuse may vary slightly depending on the particular type of sedative (or mix of sedatives and other drugs) that is being taken. That said, there are some common themes found in people who abuse all the different varieties of sedatives.

  • Tolerance
  • Psychological problems
  • Apathy and lethargy
  • Constant sleepiness

Dangers of Sedative Abuse

In addition to the symptoms of sedative abuse, there are other risks and dangers involved with long term abuse of sedatives. Because they are primarily used for helping with various mental disorders, they have an effect on the chemistry of the brain, altering the mental state of the person abusing the drug. From the constant lethargic state to the constant craving for more and more sedatives to get the same effect, there are many physical side effects of sedative abuse that should be considered as well.

Treatment for Sedative Abuse

Sedative abuse is defines as the continued use of sedatives even when there are serious negative consequences for doing so. If you are worried about suffering from a relapse and continuing to abuse sedatives, getting treatment for your sedative abuse from a therapist on may be an option to consider. Our online therapy consists of trained therapists who know how to deal with the problem of relapses as well as other online options to get support and help on your road to recovery. A sedative addiction can be difficult to break completely, but with help consisting of therapy and counseling, you can begin to understand the big picture of sedative abuse and how it not only affects you but also those around you.

Sedative Abuse

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