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Learning to be responsible is an important part of growing up. This vital lesson is taught at school and in other places, but the parents have a big impact on the development of their children. Because this parental task is so important, many parents decide to get help with coaching or therapy. Here at you can find trained therapists who specialize in parenting issues like teaching responsibility. Before showing how you can get help, here is some basic information about responsibility. 

Reasons to Teach Responsibility

Being a responsible child - or adult - is about more than obeying rules. Responsibility also concerns how we treat family members and close friends. While there may be no law that requires us to look out for our family and friends, this unwritten responsibility is an important to learn. If people didn't learn to be responsible, the world would be in a lot bigger mess than it currently is. In order for a child to develop into a happy and healthy adult, teaching responsibility is a necessity. A problem may arise when parents aren't that responsible themselves, but there are some methods that can be used to better teach children about responsibility.

Methods for Teaching Responsibility

  • Lead by Example - One of the best ways to teach a child to be responsible is for the parents to act responsibly. Learning by watching others is one of the main ways that small children will learn about being responsible.
  • Be Consistent - Telling children that it's okay to be lax with responsibilities for special occasions or as a reward may actually do more damage than good, at least in the long term development of the child. 
  • Black, White, and Grey - Most children tend to see the world in two ways - right or wrong, black or white. Part of teaching responsibility is showing children that it is important sometimes to look at the bigger picture.

Parenting Coaching for help with Responsibility

Here at, we know it is difficult to find the time to get everything perfect when raising a child. Because teaching responsibility is so important, we offer online therapy and coaching to help parents deal with this parenting issue. On you can book online sessions with highly skilled professionals that offer assistance with this crucial part of a child's development. These trained professionals can give the support and guidance needed to make teaching responsibility a little bit easier. Remember that teaching responsibility to children is a responsibility itself - a very big one.

Definition of Responsibility

Responsibility is learning to be accountable and answerable for actions taken and decisions made in life. This is an important skill that parents must pass on to their children. Coaching and therapy are both useful for helping parents learn how to teach responsibility.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Responsibility

  • Trustworthiness
  • Responsibility for self
  • Responsibility for others

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