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Reading Disorder

When a person has difficulty with reading accuracy, comprehension or speed, the learning disability is known as a reading disorder.  The causes of reading disorders are unknown, but it has been around for a long time. Children who have difficulty reading - either speed, accuracy, or comprehension - may have other problems associated with these difficulties.

Children and adults with a reading disorder may need extra help with reading. This could mean extra instruction when learning to read or extra time spent reading in order to increase comprehension and retention. Even with a reading disorder, there is hope to have a healthy and happy life. The key to this is getting proper treatment for a reading disorder before it leads to other problems.

Symptoms of Reading Disorder

In general, the symptoms of a reading disorder center around difficulties with reading, whether it is reading speed or comprehension. Some of the particular signs that may appear are a reversal of entire words or omitting words completely. A child with a reading disorder will tend to have a limited vocabulary, but this isn't a sign of their intelligence. On the contrary, many children with reading disorders are very smart, having trouble seeing the words correctly which causes the reading problems.

When not treated, a reading disorder may lead to other problems in life both socially and emotionally. If any of the symptoms of a reading disorder exist, it is important to get help with treatment so that it doesn't become a bigger problem than it needs to be. Some reading disorders may get better on their own, but with proper treatment a child (or adult) can get help with reading while learning to deal with the disorder on an emotional level.


Treatment for Reading Disorder

Because the exact cause of reading disorders isn't known, there is no way to "fix" the problem. That said, there are treatment options available. Here on, we have online therapy that can help with a reading disorder. You can find highly skilled professionals who know how to deal with the specific challenges that come with this particular learning disability.

With the power of the Internet, help is possible.  In the past, problems with reading were said to be caused by laziness, but today we know this is not always the case. With the right counseling and therapy, a reading disorder doesn't have to make life difficult. At, you can find therapists that can help with online treatment for reading disorders and a variety of other learning disabilities.

Definition of Reading Disorder

A reading disorder is one that impairs a person's reading accuracy, speed, or comprehension. Symptoms include difficulty reading and falling behind academically. Treatment for a reading disorder is possible with therapy and counseling.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Reading Disorder

  • Slow reading
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Missing words when reading
  • Reversal of words when reading
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Trouble in social settings
  • Trouble with interpersonal relationships

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