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Power Struggles

Power strugglesIn the early stages of many relationships, there is a period in which both people try to establish boundaries and take control of the relationship in one way or another. The exact specifics may resolve around financial matters or even who does the household chores. No matter the focus of the struggle for control, when not treated with care, they have the chance of ruining an otherwise good matching of two people. Learning how to effectively recognize the patterns of power struggles in relationships when they occur as well as knowing techniques to use to resolve them in ways that won't harm the relationship can have a positive impact on the resolution of this common relationship problem. Here is some more information on the causes of this common issue, and how you may be able to get help with online relationship counseling here at GoMentor.com.

Causes of Power Struggles in Relationships

While many people enjoy being in a relationship, there are some who have strong personalities and like to maintain control in all situations. While this dominance may work in some relationships, in others it may cause power struggles to occur. Control of finances is a common reason many people begin to struggle for dominance, but there are many other reasons as well. Learning to share responsibility in a relationship is difficult for some, but with the proper therapy and relationship coaching, there is a good chance that this problem can be resolved before it leads to long term trouble for a couple.


Therapy to Help Cope with Power Struggles 

If power struggles continue for a long period, they increase the chances that a relationship won't work. This is why we offer online relationship counseling here at GoMentor.com. The trained therapists on GoMentor.com specialize in this and other relationship problems that may cause people to grow apart, unable to carry on a healthy and happy relationship. With proper counseling, many couples are able to recognize and resolve power struggles before they have a negative impact on the relationship. When left unchecked, power struggles can quickly escalate to levels that are very harmful for even the strongest relationships. On GoMentor.com you can book online therapy sessions with therapists who give couples the guidance and support needed to cope with power struggles before they ruin a relationship completely.

Definition of Power Struggles

Power struggles refer to people in a relationship fighting about who is in control, with both trying to dominate the relationship in one way or another. In many cases, relationship therapy and coaching can be very beneficial for couples dealing with all the negatives that come with power struggles.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Power Struggles

  • Anger
  • Fighting
  • Lack of effective communication
  • Avoidance of intimacy
  • Arguing

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