Parenting Adolescents

Parenting Adolescents

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Parenting a teenager may be one of the most difficult and emotional tasks that a parent will face. This depends on the child's early upbringing, but even the best parents sometimes have to deal with a rebellious and perhaps even dangerous teenager. Beyond rebellion, there are many other issues that come with raising an adolescent in the modern world. It's possible to raise a teen without outside assistance, but here at you can find therapists and coaches who online coaching and therapy for parents who want a little help with learning to effectively be a parent for their adolescent.

Tips for Parenting Adolescents 

There are multiple volumes of books about raising adolescents, but here are some quick tips to keep in mind.

  • Boundaries - It's wise to remember that you are your child's parent and not trying to be their best friend. Setting parent and child boundaries is important for a teen to get the discipline and guidance they need to turn into a responsible and healthy adult.
  • Discipline - In addition to not being your teen's friend, you're going to have to fill the role of judge in their life as well. Discipline may not be needed for all teens, but when behavior gets out of hand, proper discipline can help. 
  • Show by Example - The old phrase "do as I say and not as I do" isn't taken seriously by teens today anymore than it was years ago. Teens are young adults and can see when their parents tell them one thing than act another way. Being consistent and setting a good example is important for a teen to be able to have a good role model in life.

Issues When Raising Adolescents 

When it comes to raising teenagers, there are many issues that may arise. Most teenagers may rebel a little bit, but rebellion can quickly get out of control, leading to other problems for a teen as well as the rest of the family. Beyond bad behavior, there are a score of sexual issues that must be dealt with carefully in order for the teenager to be able to develop sexually in a proper manner. Even learning to drive can be a cause of stress for some parents. Raising adolescents is difficult work. This is why many parents reach out for coaching and therapy to help with raising their adolescent child.

Coaching and Therapy for Parents Raising Adolescents 

As mentioned, here at, you can find professionals who offer online coaching that can give parents the practical tools and tips they need to be able to deal with raising a teenager. You can also find therapists who offer therapy online. The therapists and coaches on specialize in all types of parenting issues, including raising adolescents. Raising a teen can sometimes seem like a thankless task, but it's a crucial stage of development before adolescents grow up and move out into the world on their own. We believe that parents can get the extra help they need to be able to raise healthy and happy adolescents with through online coaching and therapy.

Definition of Parenting Adolescents

Parenting adolescents refers to raising children between the ages of 13 and 18. These can be the most difficult years for some parents as the children begin to find their own identities in the world. This is why we recommend coaching and therapy for parents of teens and adolescents.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Parenting Adolescents

  • Rebellion
  • Sexual issues
  • Dating
  • Learning to drive
  • Moving away from home

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