Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder

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Panic disorderNervousness and anxiety are normal, healthy emotions that appear when dealing with stressful situations. For some people, however, intense periods of anxiety - known as a panic attack - can come on suddenly and for no reason, leaving a person unable to function. Symptoms of panic disorder include sweating, a racing heart, intense feeling of terror, dizziness, as well as other psychological and physical problems.

The danger of panic disorders is that they can begin to control a person's life, leading to more serious mental illnesses when not treated correctly. After looking at some of the symptoms of panic disorder, we will show you how online therapy here at might be able to help you. This is a difficult disorder for some to understand, but the symptoms can be very real problems for those who experience them.

Symptoms of Panic Disorder 

The main symptoms of panic disorder are panic attacks that occur one or more times. The panic attacks cause a rapid heart rate, labored breathing, as well as other physical and psychological problems. Fear and nervousness are usually also present in those facing this disorder. Some people may experience even worse physical symptoms, trembling or shaking uncontrollably when a panic attack occurs.

  • Sudden fear
  • Sudden nervousness,
  • Sweating
  • Racing heart
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Chills


The degree to which these symptoms affect a person are going to vary, but in general most people with a panic disorder are going to experience some or all of these symptoms, usually out of the blue and at inappropriate times. This can lead to a fear of going into public which can cause numerous other problems. Before a panic disorder gets out of hand, it's important to at least look into treatment options that are available.

Treatment for Panic Disorder 

Online therapy through may be an option for those who suffer from panic disorders. By combining trained therapists and psychologists who specialize in these types of disorders with the communication of the Internet, we offer a complete system of treatment that is easy to access. Panic attacks can have a serious negative impact on a person’s life, which is why getting help and support is so vital. Confidential online treatment through GoMentor 24/7 can offer the guidance as well as emotional support.

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