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Mathematics Disorder

If a child or adult has a problem with counting or doing basic arithmetic, it may point to mathematics disorder. Other symptoms of this learning disability include difficulties memorizing multiplication tables, problems arranging numbers in sequence as well as other difficulties with numbers in general. Because of the way the brain works, it is very important to diagnose this disorder early so that children can have a better chance of overcoming it.

In the past it was difficult to accurately diagnose, but today there is a wealth of information about this learning disability and how to treat it effectively. Dealing with this disorder can be difficult, especially for younger children, but there is hope. Before showing you how you can get help through online therapy for mathematics disorder here on, we are going to look closer at the symptoms of this learning disability. Once a problem is noticed, it is important to take action so that other problems - like acting out in school - don’t appear.

Symptoms of Mathematics Disorder

The basic symptoms of mathematics disorder center around problems doing arithmetic, but the exact symptoms may vary. For example, some may just have problems with memorizing multiplication tables, while others may have difficulties understand simple operations like addition and subtraction. If a child has many errors in their math homework on a consistent basis, it may point to mathematics disorder. There are other signs as well, however.

Most children also have trouble copying numbers and math problems, or difficulties understanding math word problems. When these symptoms appear together, getting help is a good idea. Without therapy, there is a good chance that mathematics disorder may lead to other problems beyond poor performance in the academic realm. For some, the learning disability may lead to a withdrawal from society and a host of other social and emotional problems.


Treatment for Mathematics Disorder

Online treatment for mathematics disorder is available here at, where we individual therapists with the power of the Internet to give people suffering from this learning disorder a chance at living a more normal life. The exact symptoms may vary from person to person, but there are many common elements that must be dealt with. You can find therapists on who can give the practical information and guidance needed to overcome any problems brought on by this learning disability.

Definition of Mathematics Disorder

A mathematics disorder is a learning disability that severely affects a person's mathematical ability. Treatment for mathematics disorder is possible with therapy and counseling.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Mathematics Disorder

  • Trouble counting
  • Multiplication table memorization problems
  • Problems understanding operations like addition and subtraction
  • Multiple errors in simple math
  • Difficulty arranging numbers
  • Problems copying numbers
  • Trouble understanding word problems
  • Not understanding mathematical symbols

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