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Inhalant Addiction

Inhalant addictionInhalant addiction can come in many different forms because there are many different gases and vapors that are inhaled in order to get intoxicated, but all of them have serious consequences attached to them. Symptoms of inhalant addiction include problems with the nose, paint around the nose and mouth, lethargy, inability to function in society, and other serious problems. Addictions to inhalants have become a large problem quickly because of how easy it is to get substances that can be inhaled to get a temporary buzz.

Symptoms of Inhalant Addiction

These are some of the signs you may see when addicted to inhalants:

  • Dizziness and trouble with motor skills
  • Overall lethargy and apathy play a role in inhalant addiction by making the person addicted unable to function as a productive member of society
  • Problems with the brain that may manifest themselves in various ways

There are other minor things that may indicate a problem with inhalants, but beyond the symptoms it is important to also look at the inherent risks of an addiction to inhalants.



Risks and Dangers of Inhalant Addiction

Whether you are talking about the short term risks or the long term dangers associated with inhalant addiction, there are many things that should concern you if you do think inhalants are a problem in your life. From serious physical harm to your brain and other parts of your body to doing damage to those around you, an inhalant addiction can have serious consequences in your life. This is why treatment for an addiction to inhalants is so important.

Treatment for Inhalant Addiction

We know how difficult it can be to break free from an addiction to inhalants. Luckily, you can find trained therapists who specialize in treating inhalant abuse - right here, on No matter your age, sex, or how long you have been inhaling, there is hope for recovery. Through our online platform, GoMentor 24/7, you can get support from therapists who specialize in issues with inhalant addiction and abuse. This can have a dramatic positive effect on how well your psychotherapy works to help with your addiction to inhalants.

If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.

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