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InfidelityThere are quite a few relationships that never recover fully when one person breaks their trust and has a sexual or intimate relationship with another person. Others suffer through a cycle of infidelity that causes harm in many ways. While a betrayal of this sort has a very good chance of ending a relationship, with the proper psychotherapy, there may be a chance of saving the relationship. While some people suffer infidelity silently for one reason or another, letting their partner get away with it over and over again, there are steps that can be taken to save a relationship that has been damaged by infidelity. There are many signs that may appear if a partner is cheating. While it is not healthy to dwell on things that aren't there and accuse without proof, most people who cheat in a relationship end up revealing their infidelity at some point.

Looking for Infidelity

While sometimes you "just know" that your partner is being unfaithful because you have spent so much time with them and know them so well, there are some signs and clues that accompany cheating on a spouse. When a person becomes very secretive suddenly, hiding their activity, it may be a sign that something is afoot. Frequent excuses include working late at the office and going on business trips frequently. Most infidelity is accompanied by a long line of lies that begin to unravel eventually. This is when the online relationship counseling here at may be helpful. If the infidelity continues unchecked there is very little hope for the relationship to be healthy, let alone last a long time. This is why seeking help is important if this relationship problem is discovered.

Signs of Infidelity

  • Being secretive
  • Working late
  • Multiple email accounts
  • Lies

Getting Help for Dealing with Infidelity

When one person in a relationship has a sexual relationship with another person or otherwise breaks agreed and known boundaries in a relationship, it is known as infidelity. Once the infidelity is known about by both parties, it can have many serious consequences on a relationship. Because of this, relationship coaching and therapy are recommended. While infidelity is a private issue that many people don't want to discuss, we offer online relationship therapy that can help everyone involved deal with all the emotions that come with this break of trust in a relationship. Once trust is broken, it can be very difficult to regain. Depending on the exact circumstances of the infidelity, different approaches may need to be taken with therapy. In some cases, only one person (usually the victim) seeks counseling, even if they're still in a relationship with the person who cheated on them. Because of the many complications and variables involved with infidelity, it can be very difficult to sort through all the emotional aspects connected with infidelity. Here at, we offer online relationship therapy that can assist with dealing with everything that comes with infidelity. From anger to anguish to guilt and depression, our trained therapists know how to help.

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