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Hallucinogens Persisting Perception Disorder (Flashbacks)

Hallucinogens persisting perception disorder flashbacksOne of the most frightening things about hallucinogens persisting perception disorder (flashbacks), is that they can occur so distant from the time you take hallucinogens. For many people, this means that the symptoms they exhibit are misdiagnoses, especially if the doctor doesn't know of previous experimentation with hallucinogenic substances. Even when the cause of the flashbacks is known, it can still be a troubling and frightening experience.

Symptoms of Hallucinogens Persisting Perception Disorder

Recurring hallucinations that can occur weeks, months or even years after taking a hallucinogen is the major sign of hallucinogens persisting perception disorder. Other mental problems as a result of the hallucinogens taken in the past may occur as well. What makes the symptoms so tough to diagnose is that they can happen so far after the initial contact with the hallucinogen. If you have a history of taking hallucinogenic substances in the past - particularly LSD - the psychological and emotional problems you have may be related to this disorder. The symptoms of flashbacks vary slightly from person to person, but the recurrence of hallucinations may be a sign of hallucinogens persisting perception disorder.

  • Hallucinations
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Psychological problems
  • Trouble adjusting to the real world

Dangers of Hallucinogens Persisting Perception Disorder

One of the biggest problems with flashbacks is that there's no telling when they are going to appear. This can cause problems if you happen to be driving down the road or doing something else that won't be helped by an altered sense of reality. The danger of harming yourself or those around you in something that must be constantly considered by those who suffer from flashbacks. This is one of the reasons addictions to hallucinogens are so serious.

Treatment for Flashbacks

Hallucinogens persisting perception disorder - also referred to as flashbacks - are a problem of recurring hallucinations even after the mind altering substance is no longer in the body. In the long run, guided therapy and counseling are great ways to make sure that flashbacks aren't a continual problem. There is no way to go back in time and "not take" the drugs, but there are things you can learn about to help you deal with hallucinogens persisting perception disorder. Flashbacks do not have to be something you face alone. Many other people have gone through the same thing. On GoMentor.com you can get help with the treatment of Hallucinogens Persisting Perception Disorder, from our listed therapists.

Hallucinogens Persisting Perception Disorder (Flashbacks)

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