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Grief or Loss

Grief or lossDealing with loss and grief can be an overwhelming process for many people. No matter who is lost, there are many emotional turmoils that come with the grieving process. Getting help with the main stages of grief is a good idea for some people. Here at, you can get help from professionals through online therapy at GoMentor 24/7 to help deal with grief. Everyone grieves a little differently, but there's nothing wrong with asking for a little help when it's needed. Grief can be caused by a lot of different stuff, including losing a spouse, losing a child, losing a parent and even losing a pet.

Common Causes of Grief from Loss

  • Losing a Spouse - Losing a life partner can be an awful experience to go through no matter how long a couple were together.
  • Losing a Parent - When a child loses a parent at any age, it can be a traumatic experience.
  • Losing a Sibling - A brother or sister passing away can be difficult for children, teens, and adults to go through.
  • Losing a Child - This may be the toughest experience for any parent to face.
  • Abortion / Termination - Deciding to abort or terminate a pregnancy is a serious decision that has many consequences.
  • Miscarriage - Having a miscarriage brings with it many emotional as well as physical dangers.

Symptoms of Grief and Loss

  • Guilt
  • Sadness
  • Shock / Disbelief
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Weight fluctuation

Five Stages of Grief

No matter the source of grief - there are many others than those listed above - there are five main stages that most people go through when dealing with loss or grief:

  1. Denial - Denying that the person is dead is a common initial reaction for many people.
  2. Anger - After realizing that the death is real, there is a stage of anger that can be showed in various ways depending on the personality of the person grieving.
  3. Bargaining - As the anger begins to die down, promises to accomplish this or that if only the person could be brought back are usually uttered.
  4. Depression - With the realization that no bargaining can bring the person back, there is usually a period of extended depression. This varies wildly from person to person.
  5. Acceptance - At the final stage, the death is accepted and a person is able to move on with their life, perhaps forever changed but still able to move on.

In order to heal properly, it is important for a person to go through all of these stages. Some people may need more or less time on each step - or may skip some entirely - but in general, this is what most people go through when dealing with grief. Getting beyond grief may seem difficult when in the midst of a situation, but there is help available.

Treatment for Grief or Loss

Grief and loss are two powerful human emotions that cause intense sorrow when a person dies. Psychotherapy can help with all the emotional and physical symptoms that sometimes accompany loss and grief. Here at, you can get counselling and therapy for grief and loss. No matter the loss, trained therapists will be able to offer assistance and support for getting through all the stages of grief. On GoMentor you can get online therapy with GoMentor 24/7 with highly skilled therapists who specialize in issues of grief. Sometimes talking to someone experienced in dealing with grief can make a situation easier to deal with. The fact that you can get therapy online for grief and loss makes it easier than ever to get support and guidance when dealing with a death.

If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.

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