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Gender Identity Disorder

Gender identity disorderFor many people, gender identity disorder is something that can cause many other problems in life. Symptoms generally revolve around a strong belief or desire to be the opposite sex. This may manifest itself in various ways for different people. If the signs of gender identity disorder appear, getting treatment is recommended to help deal with everything that comes with the disorder. For some, online therapy, like offered here at, is a good option. Knowing a little more about the causes and symptoms of gender identity disorder will help with the decision on whether treatment is necessary. Some people are always a little curious about their sexuality, but when it has a negative impact on a person’s life it may be a sign of a larger problem.

Cause of Gender Identity Disorder 

The specific causes of this disorder are not yet known, but they are thought to be connected to hormones, genetics, and several environmental aspects, including how a child is raised. Whatever the cause, the disorder can lead to a poor self-esteem, which in turn can lead to problems with anxiety or even depression. While it may be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of gender identity disorder, there are several symptoms that may appear which are tell-tale signs of a problem.

Symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder 

Boys that desire to be girls and girls who desire to be boys may or may not be suffering from gender identity disorder. There are other signs that may or may not be present. For example, many children go through sexually experimental stages where they imagine what it might be like to be the opposite sex. For some, however, these feelings are constant and are very vehemently defended when questioned. Cross-dressing and associating with the stereotypes of the opposite gender are other symptom of this disorder. This is especially true if a person has disgust for their genitals. When left untreated, gender identity disorder can lead to a host of other problems in a person’s life.

  • Disgusted by genitals
  • Cross-dressing
  • Depression
  • Withdrawal from social interaction
  • A belief that gender will change
  • A wish or desire to change genders

Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder 

Online therapy for gender identity disorder here at can help a person deal with all the issues that come with this disorder. Getting proper information and guidance is important at all stages of dealing with gender identity disorder. This is where trained therapists come in. They can offer the support and guidance needed with therapy and counselling through GoMentor 24/7 - simply sign up today and get confidential online therapy, no matter where and when.

Gender Identity Disorder

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