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Many parents fall back on techniques used by their own parents when disciplining their children. Others may get caught up in fad parenting techniques that may actually be harmful for children. These methods of parenting may work in some cases, but the early development of children is so important that learning to discipline correctly and effectively should be a priority.

Tips for Better Discipline

Discipline is a fine art that takes many parents years to master completely, but here are some basic tips that should be kept in mind when disciplining children.

  • Attachment - For discipline to be truly effective between parent and child there needs to be an emotional bond or attachment between the two. This is usually formed during infancy and childhood.
  • Respect - A child should never be told they are worthless or dumb, as this can begin to have an effect on the mental development over time. It’s important to discipline a child with respect.
  • Communication - Communicating clearly with a child before, during and after discipline can help make sure the discipline is more effective. Children should be given a chance to explain their feelings during the disciplinary process.
  • Consistency - Learning to be consistent with discipline and punishments is important to reinforce the lessons children are learning. When discipline isn't given out consistently, it can lead to many different problems.

When Help is Needed with Discipline

While discipline is a good thing in general, if a parent consistently flies off the handle and tries to discipline their child when they are angry, it may be a sign that some parenting therapy would be helpful. There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. Recognizing this line and never crossing it is important for the safety and long term mental health of a child. If a parent thinks they may need help with learning to discipline better, there are many coaching and therapy options available for parents.

Coaching and Therapy Can Help

If discipline gets out of hand or a parent is concerned that it may be a problem, therapy and coaching is a good idea. Here at GoMentor.com, we have therapists who specialize in helping parents deal with discipline issues, no matter the age of the child. Learning to discipline more effectively using practical tips and advice is a good way to make sure a child has the best chance to develop into a healthy and happy adult. On GoMentor.com you can find therapists and coaches that are passionate about helping families grow stronger together, which is why they offer their services online. This makes it convenient for families everywhere to get help and guidance when dealing with discipline. Discipline in single parent homes may be even more difficult, but the trained professionals on GoMentor.com can help even in these situations.

Definition of Discipline

Discipline is a technique used to develop good, responsible behavior in children through the use of boundaries and punishment for breaking the rules. Many parents find getting help with discipline a comforting thing to do. Therapy can also help parents learn to properly discipline their children.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Discipline

  • The child not listening
  • Bad behavior

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