Developmental Coordination Disorder

Developmental Coordination Disorder

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Most children reach certain milestones like crawling and walking by a certain age. Once known as clumsy child syndrome, developmental coordination disorder may cause a delay in developing these skills. Symptoms of this disorder include poor coordination, slight tremors, as well as other physical and emotional signs. Left untreated, this disorder can cause other problems, including issues with low self-esteem and major depression.

For many people, other learning disabilities are often present along with developmental coordination disorder, which makes it even important to get proper treatment. Here on, you can get online therapy that can help with all the aspects of this disorder. A personalized therapy plan is usually the most effective treatment. Most therapists can offer this one on one support that works well with children who have a developmental coordination disorder.

Symptoms and Dagners of Developmental Coordination Disorder

As mentioned, one of the biggest symptoms of this disorder is learning to crawl or walk at a late age. Even before that, a rigid baby or a floppy baby may also be signs of a problem. Later in life, overdeveloped muscle tone - without working out - is another indicator.  For some people, the tremors get so bad that they have extreme difficulties performing complex motor tasks.

All of these symptoms can can have serious negative impacts on a person's life. It may even affect their interpersonal relationships. There are also other risks if this disorder is not treated. Here at, we understand the special needs of children with developmental coordination disorder, which is why we developed a way to help with the emotional aspect of the disorder online.


Treatment for Developmental Coordination Disorder

While physical therapy may be a part of overall treatment of developmental coordination disorder, we believe that psychotherapy and counseling are also helpful in dealing with this disorder. Online treatment for developmental coordination disorder through has proven to be very effective.

In the past, there weren't many options for dealing with the emotional side of this disorder, but today things are different. With our online treatment options, we can offer the guidance, support, and knowledge that is needed to deal with developmental coordination disorder. By working with each person as an individual, a therapist is able to craft a treatment plan that has a better chance of success, no matter the degree of the disorder.

Definition of Developmental Coordination Disorder

Developmental Coordination Disorder is a motor skills disorder that affects coordination of movements. Symptoms include problems moving smoothly, involuntary shaking or tremors, visual perception problems, as well as other physical signs. Therapy and counseling can help children deal with the emotional side of developmental coordination disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Developmental Coordination Disorder

  • Overdeveloped muscle tone
  • Slight shaking
  • Lack of coordination
  • Abnormal muscle tone

Developmental Coordination Disorder

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