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Cocaine Intoxication

Cocaine intoxicationCocaine intoxication starts with an intense sense of euphoria that soon peaks and begins to descend lower than where the user started. The body demands - and is usually given - another hit of the drug and the cycle repeats. This form of intoxication is psychologically and physically addictive, making it common for people to have problems with cocaine abuse. Long term addictions to cocaine can have disastrous effects on the life of those effected. If the signs of cocaine intoxication appear, it may be a bigger sign of a bigger problem with an addiction to cocaine.

Signs of Cocaine Intoxication

Although the method that is used to introduce cocaine into the body will slightly change the effects of the drug, here are some of the common signs of cocaine intoxication in its many forms:

  • Enlarged pupils, increased heart rate, and hurried breathing
  • Abnormal blood pressure that may be too low or too high
  • Chills or sweating
  • Nausea, an upset stomach and other digestive problems
  • Odd behavior and grandiose statements

Dangers of Cocaine Intoxication

Along with the symptoms mentioned above, there are other negative side effects to using cocaine. Long term cocaine intoxication can lead to tolerance, an addiction, and a life that quickly spirals out of control as the driving force for life becomes getting the next hit of the drug. The other dangers lies in the overdose. It is quite easy to take too much cocaine and suffer death as the body shuts down. All of these dangers of cocaine intoxication point to the need for treatment of cocaine abuse before it becomes too late.

Treatment for Cocaine Intoxication

Cocaine intoxication occurs when the drug - a stimulant - is introduced into the body via various methods. There are various methods to nullify cocaine intoxication using other drugs, but the bigger problem is the cocaine abuse and what to do about it. If you have become addicted to cocaine, there is hope for treatment. On, online therapy is led by trained therapists who understand the draw of cocaine intoxication but also know methods that can be used to steer clear of a long term cocaine addiction. Through counseling and therapy, the therapists listed here on, can help you fight the lure of cocaine intoxication and regain control of your life. If you are tired of the side effects of cocaine ruining your life, it is time to take the first step toward recovery.

Cocaine Intoxication

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