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Career Coaching

Career coachingGetting ahead in the modern world can be extremely difficult for both men and women. This is why some people turn to career coaching for a little extra help. While it's entirely possible to be successful without career coaching, there are many ways that this form of life coaching can boost a career into overdrive. Even those that aren't interested in racing up the corporate ladder can get assistance from career coaching. From help with interviews - before, during, and after - to writing a great resume, a career coach can make finding and landing the dream job easy.

Types of Career Coaching Available

When it comes to getting a great career and achieving success at work, there are some areas that are really useful to get assistance with:

  • Career Strategy and Goals - While some people are satisfied with simply having a job, others who want to have a career and get ahead in life should have a strategy in place. This consists of setting goals and making sure they're achieved.
  • Career Change Options - People who have been in a certain field of work for a long time and are thinking about a change may be helped with career coaching. Switching a career can be scary, but it can also be very rewarding. Knowing about the options available can make the decision easier.
  • Job Interviews - If you have the skills and talent for a job but don't interview well, you may end up not getting the job. A career coach can help with practical tips and techniques that will make the whole interview process a breeze.
  • Writing a CV - Coming up with a stellar resume or CV is an important for finding and landing a good job. Learning how to prepare a professional yet personal resume can make all the difference. A career coach can help with writing a CV that stands out from the pile of others.
  • Entering the workforce - Teens, young adults, and even some older people who are entering the workplace for the first time may benefit from career coaching. It can be quite a change to go from no job to working every day.
  • Identifying Competencies - Learning to identify abilities and skills that are required for a particular job is an important task. A career coach can help a person learn to identify core competencies so that a perfect fit for the position can be found.
  • Changing Career Field - For people who have made the decision to switch careers, there are many practical tips and advice that can save a lot of hassles during the process.

Career Coaching Online at

Most business coaches know how difficult it can be to land a job in the modern world. They also understand the difficulties in getting ahead once a career is decided on. This is why they offer online career coaching. On GoMentor you can get online coaching with coaches that specialize in various aspects of finding a career and getting ahead. They can provide useful advice and practical tips through GoMentor 24/7 that can make finding and keeping a job easier. And for those who want to get ahead and climb the corporate ladder, career coaches can also help. While it's possible to find a job without a career coach, having a coach can make the whole process a little bit simpler as well as helping construct a long term career strategy.

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