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CarcinophobiaAs cancer seems to be everywhere these days and the sickness is perpetually in the public eye, it is no surprise that carcinophobia, or fear of cancer, is a growing phobia within the public mentality. While no one wants to get cancer, the unabated fear and paranoia about having cancer is a serious illness that can lead to a significant impediment on one’s overall quality of life. This is why we have online therapy for carcinophobia here at

Symptoms of Carcinophobia

People who do not have carcinophobia generally do their best to avoid anything that could put them at risk of developing cancer, carcinophobics are so meticulous that every decision about what to eat, where to go, and what products to use can be a huge ordeal. For people suffering from this phobia, a headache isn’t just a headache – it’s a brain tumor, and there is little the doctor can tell them that might help convince them otherwise. Not only will people with extreme cases of carcinophobia actively avoid any situation where they might be in the presence of any cancer-causing carcinogens, they will actively be angry with anyone in their life that they think might bring a carcinogen into their home.

  • An intense fear of carcinogens
  • A hyper-vigilance when concerning social situations, products you use, or the food you eat
  • A reluctance to go anywhere that might expose you to carcinogens
  • A decided aversion or anger displayed to those who you feel might be introducing carcinogens into your environment

In its most severe form, carcinophobia can lead to an extreme case of agoraphobia, where all the sufferer feels comfortable with is a completely controlled space where cancer can not "get" them. The persistent need to have medical check ups performed with every bump, bruise, or pain that the patient experiences can lead to the desire to have unnecessary and costly procedures. Because of the risks associated with carcinophobia, it is important to get treatment when necessary.

Treatment for Carcinophobia

Due to a relatively new rise in number of sufferers, carcinophobia is still very much an area where treatments are being devised and revised. With GoMentor 24/7 you can get help from professionals with your fears and they can teach you to better channel your energies into something besides a constant fear. By being educated and going through online therapies, we hope to help you better understand the fears that you may not be able to conquer by yourself.

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