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Cannabis Intoxication

Cannabis intoxicationThere is a lot of misinformation available about cannabis and its effects on the human brain. Because of this, it is a mistake to think that an addiction to cannabis intoxication is a small problem that you shouldn't worry about. The signs of cannabis intoxication aren't as easy to see as those of alcohol and other drugs, but they are there if you have your eyes open. If you start to see them often, there may be a problem with cannabis addiction. If this is the case, getting treatment is recommended.

Signs of Cannabis Intoxication

Here are some of the common signs that someone may be under the influence of cannabis:

  • Dry mouth or "cotton mouth"
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Minor loss of coordination and motor skills
  • Slow reaction time that can have dangerous side effects for some tasks
  • Relaxation and mild euphoria
  • Sleepiness, apathy, and a loss of energy
  • Laughter or giggling - even at inappropriate times

Some of these may not seem like they are that harmful, but there are serious consequences for abuse of cannabis. While it may not seem so to some, there are dangers to cannabis intoxication that you may want to consider.



Dangers of Cannabis Intoxication

While there have been no studies that show an overdose of marijuana is possible, there are dangers to cannabis intoxication. When smoked, there is damage to the lungs. Even when taken in other forms, continued use can lead to tolerance and an addiction. The slowed reaction time can lead to problems if a person tries to drive under the influence of cannabis. There are other dangerous side effects as well, including becoming addicted to cannabis.

Treatment for Cannabis Intoxication

Cannabis intoxication is a state of altered consciousness brought on by the THC in cannabis. If you think you may have a problem with cannabis addiction, there is hope for help. On, there are therapists who know what you are going through. You can find therapists who specialize in helping with everything associated with an addiction to cannabis. Your online therapy can also include help from other people who are facing the same struggles as you, with marijuana addiction. With help, there is hope for your recovery. Treatment for cannabis addiction can help you get your life back so that you can actually enjoy it.

Cannabis Intoxication

If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.

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