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Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine addictionAn addiction to caffeine starts the same way for most people - an enjoyment of that extra boost of energy in the morning. The problem is that the body becomes accustomed to this artificial energy and builds a tolerance that means you need more and more coffee in order to achieve the same increase in energy. Not only that, when you take away the caffeine, there can be withdrawal symptoms, which is another reason so many people become addicted to caffeine. Whatever the reason for the addiction and how long it has affected you shouldn't matter. Once you see the dangers of caffeine addiction, you may want to seek treatment. On, we can help with that.

Symptoms of Caffeine Addiction

These are some of the major signs and symptoms of an addiction to caffeine:

  • Tolerance - A high tolerance to caffeine - need a lot of caffeine to get the same effect
  • Withdrawal - If headaches and other problems happen 24 hours after not having caffeine, the sign of withdrawal symptoms
  • Inability to stop drinking products with caffeine
  • Cravings for caffeine
  • Heightened heart rate
  • Insomnia and anxiety
  • In extreme cases - tremors or shaking may happen

If any of these sound familiar, you need to hear some about the dangers of caffeine addiction.



Dangers of Caffeine Addiction

While that initial burst of energy may seem like a good thing, too much coffee can have a negative effect on the body. From fatigue to restlessness and sleep disorders, an addiction to coffee, tea and other sources of caffeine may leave you with health complications that are no fun to deal with. The good news is that no matter how long you have been addicted to caffeine, there is hope for treatment for your caffeine addiction. By getting treatment, you can stop your compulsive behavior and lead a more healthy life once again.

Treatment for Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine addiction is defined as a compulsion to take caffeine - a chemical dependence. One of the signs of caffeine addiction is having withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit. From headaches to loss of energy, caffeine withdrawal can have serious effect on the body. If the symptoms of caffeine addiction do not sound like something you want to have to deal with, you're not alone. On, you can sign up to GoMentor 24/7 and be matched with the right mentor from many different therapists who specialize in treating caffeine addiction and can help you with guided online therapy. An addiction to caffeine may not seem like a serious problem to some, but when you look at the health risks associated with drinking too much coffee, it should cause some concern. Therefore, online therapy from professionals here at can help you break the addiction and deal with the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.

If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.

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