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ArachnophobiaOne of the most common phobias, arachnophobia is a specific type of zoophobia, or fear of a specific animal. In this case, arachnophobia is an extreme fear of spiders. Many people find spiders disconcerting – they are actually the second most hated animal on the planet, following only snakes. However, true sufferers of arachnophobia have such an extreme aversion to the creatures that their very lifestyles can be adversely affected. Many women and men suffer from at least a mild version of arachnophobia or worse. Because of this, it’s definitely a condition worth knowing more about.

Symptoms of Arachnophobia 

Arachnophobia is most easily characterized by an extreme reaction to the presence or even the possibility of the presence of spiders. Areas that are likely to harbor spiders or have signs of spider habitation -  cobwebs - can cause extreme and often seemingly disproportionate reactions in arachnophobics. Seeing a spider or even mistaking something for a spider can often cause a panic attack and other agitated behaviors that can significantly impede one’s life. In extreme cases, even pictures of a spider can instigate these symptoms. With such a marked aversion to a relatively common animal, it can be difficult to ignore the consequences of arachnophobia.

  • A dread of the sight or presence of spiders of any kind
  • Panic when a spider is present that may often seem grossly disproportionate or irrational
  • An active need to avoid areas where a spider may be present or has recently been seen
  • Onset of panic at the sight of fake spiders or realistic drawing and images of spiders

In many severe cases, arachnophobia can significantly impede one’s day to day life. In the most immediate sense, this particular phobia can cause a sense of embarrassment. With many sufferers not understanding why their reactions to such a small creature are so severe, their impression of other people’s confusion is often amplified. With the constant fear of spiders often plaguing them, many serious arachnophobics often avoid going out during the night or even being able to enter an area where a spider was recently discovered.

Treatment for Arachnophobia 

There are a variety of treatments for arachnophobia, including online help from the therapists listed on Due to the strength of the associations for many arachnophobics between the sight of spiders and panic, treatment often needs to be aggressively sought out by the sufferer for it to be effective. At, we understand that phobias aren’t just paltry fears, but a very real sense of panic that you may not even understand. You can get online therapy through GoMentor 24/7 with highly skilled therapists who can help you address your fears head on with online support and counselling.

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