Amnestic Disorders

Amnestic Disorders

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Amnestic disordersAmnestic disorders cause discreet memory impairment without any symptoms of other cognitive disorders. The exact causes of these disorders are not known, but much has been learned over the years about treatment for them. Symptoms include memory problems - both old memories and the ability to form new memories. Here at, we offer online therapy that can help with all the various types of amnestic disorders.

Types of Amnestic Disorders

The two main types of amnestic disorders center around whether or not the cause of the memory problems is known:

  • Organic Amnesic Syndrome - This is diagnosed when there is a known physical cause of the memory problems
  • Unspecified Amnestic Disorder - This term is used when the exact cause of the memory loss is not fully known

Symptoms of Amnestic Disorders 

The exact symptoms are going to vary depending on the particular cause of the amnestic disorder, but in general they center around memory impairment. For some, it may show as a problem learning new information or remembering things that just happened. Others may have their memory affected slightly differently, unable to remember things from the past. The biggest thing to remember is that there will be an absence of other cognitive thinking problems with amnestic disorders. If the symptoms of these disorders are seen, getting treatment can help you avoid the dangers of amnestic disorders.

    • Difficulty remembering new information
    • Awareness of the memory problem
    • Insistence that a memory problem doesn't exist
    • Memory loss

Dangers of Amnestic Disorders 

The risks associated with amnestic disorders are generally mild, but they can still cause serious problems in a person's life. An inability to take care of themselves is one big risk for people whose memory is severely affected. Depending on the type of amnesia present - forgetting past memories or not being able to create new memories - there are different dangers present, but they can still affect a person's life in a negative way. This is why treatment should be considered if an amnestic disorder is diagnosed.

Treatment for Amnestic Disorders 

Depending on the severity of the memory problems, treatment is going to vary, but in general both therapy and counseling are beneficial for dealing with the symptoms of amnestic disorders. At GoMentor 24/7, we have trained therapists who specialize in amnesia as well as online counselling that is available online whenever help is needed. This combination of old and new makes the treatment options for amnestic disorders a good way to get the help that is needed. The sooner treatment is begun, the better the chances of relief from the symptoms of this disorder.

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