Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

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Positive psychologyWhat is positive psychology?

Positive psychology is a more recent approach focusing on psychological health and wellbeing rather than mental disorder and treatment. The main focus in positive psychology is concepts such as happiness, sense of accomplishment, coping, quality of life and optimism. An individual functions best when they are optimistic, satisfied and happy. It has been proved through empirical studies that a human thrives better when it focuses on the positive in life, and lets go of concerning and worrying thoughts.

How is positive psychology beneficial?

No matter what needs or challenges you are dealing with, positive psychology can be beneficial for you. This method varies a lot depending on your situation. Everyone can benefit from positive psychology as it adds a positive mindset to your life with tools that you can use in your everyday life. It can help you in your everyday life, in relations, in a relationship, at your work or education. Therefore, it can give you an increased surplus to do things you usually do not bother doing or complain about. It creates a more satisfying existence for you but will also affect your surroundings. However, it is mainly people with mental disorder such as anxiety or depression, or people with low self esteem or pessimistic thoughts who will benefit the most from using this method.

Get more joy in your life

Regardless of the fact that you are interested in having a more pleasant existence or you are struggling with a mental disorder, positive psychology is recommendable for all.


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