Non-Directive Therapy

Non-Directive Therapy

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What is Non-Directive Therapy?

Non-directive psychotherapy (also referred to as client-centred or person-centred psychotherapy), is an approach to the treatment of mental disorders that aims primarily toward fostering personality growth by helping individuals gain insight into and acceptance of their feelings, values, and behaviour.


The function of the therapist is to extend consistent, warm, unconditional positive regard toward clients (avoiding the negative connotations of “patients”) and, by reflecting the clients’ own verbalized concerns, to enable them to see themselves more clearly and react more openly with the therapist and others. The pace, direction, and termination of therapy are controlled by the client; the therapist acts as a facilitator.


How is Non-Directive Therapy beneficial?

A client develops an ability to face their acceptable and unacceptable characteristics. As a client begins to accept themselves, he/she would feel comfortable to make their own judgements regarding their problem.


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