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Get help with motivation and goal-setting through online counselling

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Get help with motivation and goal-settingMotivation and goal-setting defines the way you develop and improve yourself through life. For some people it is about getting promoted at work, while for others it is about having a happy and healthy family. By setting goals and reaching them with perseverance you will continuously gain more successful experiences which is a part of your personal development.


Follow these points on how to set the right goals and achieve more success in your life:

  • Set goals and reach them
  • Be focused and persistent
  • Have fun!

These simple points can help you work on how you can improve yourself, even if it is at work, in a relationship or your mindset. If you want to achieve a major change in your life, you can set milestones which can help you getting success achieving your main goal.


In goal-setting it is important that you use your competencies and potential in the best possible way to achieve success in life. This requires that you know yourself well by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and understanding how you can use them in different situations.


Many have difficulties in knowing how to plan their own success in life. With a GoMentor 24/7 subscription you can write to a coach, therapist or psychologist who can help you with professional counselling and support in your personal development to achieve more joy and surplus in the everyday life. Our coaches have helped users with challenges such as:

  • Doesn’t feel that I exploit my full potential at work
  • Having trouble completing whenever I start something
  • I often see the negative in things

Help with motivation and goal-setting

Want to achieve success in life?

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Male, 37

Male, 37 - "Even at my age I needed some motivation to set and achieve my goals. The support and guidance helped me realise that just because am approaching my 40's it does not mean I can't achieve what I want in life."  Read more  Read less

Sylvia Kratzer

Sylvia Kratzer - "Beate’s coaching skills are extraordinary. She combines laser-sharp intellectual discernment with highly-attuned intuition to guide you just in the right direction. You come out of the session refreshed, elated and with an exciting action plan in place. Beate’s work is like that of a skilled chiropractor, making adjustments in just the right places to help your natural energies to flow free of blockages. You come out walking aligned in mind and spirit."  Read more  Read less


S.C. - "Ian has excellent counselling skills which offered support and encouragement to work out my own solutions and coping strategies. He offered coaching as an option and has very useful tools which helped me to think about my situation and find coping mechanisms for myself. It was invaluable at a time when I needed to be able to say how I felt in confidence and without judgement. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. "  Read more  Read less

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If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.