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Get help with depression through online counselling

Sadness - Loneliness - Winter depression - Postpartum depression - Bipolar disorder - Dysthymia


Get help with depressionDepression is a mental condition where you often feel sadness, pessimism and lack of joy in life. These negative feelings affect the way you feel, think and act.


More and more people suffer depression which is characterised by the feeling of being sad, hopeless and the lack of interest and ability to enjoy daily activities that has been going on a daily basis for at least two weeks.


Sometimes it can help to talk to a family member or friends about your depression, but they are typically emotionally involved in your situation which may affect their help and they do not have the suitable professional skills to help you either.


Other users have received help in relation to depression and sadness such as:

  • Grief after the loss of a child
  • Everything feels grey and sad
  • Lack of joy in life and motivation


With a GoMentor 24/7 subscription you can write with a professional psychologist or therapist who has the professional skills to help you.

Get help with depression

Are you struggling with depression?

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M.S. - "I was in a tough place before I met Diantha, but she really helped me get in touch with what matters most in my life. I was spreading myself so thin that I was taking so many blessings for granted. I was miserable! She was super supportive, never made me feel judged, and her sense of humor really helped me see the brighter side of things."  Read more  Read less


Mike32 - "Very helpful in assessing my issues and giving me advice on how to fix them. highly recommend."  Read more  Read less

Female, 20

Female, 20 - "I started therapy because I was sad and despaired and could not see what would happen in my life. My heart ached all the time, I did not care about my life and I could not see any future at all. I had broken up with my boyfriend and it also made me sad. I was tired, had a headache and mostly just wanted to stay in my bed. After a few times I began to get more energy and I wanted to do something. It was still heavy but easier. Now it has been 2 months and I am much better. I sleep at night. My mood has become much better. I do not know exactly what I want in the future, but I does not make me despaired and sad. I can accommodate my feelings. I smile and laugh from my heart when I am with my friends. Before, I did it for the sake of others. It is a huge relief. I can see meaning with my life again, and I have begun to plan things and dream about the future."  Read more  Read less


Christine - "I have just got a core in me that is just unbearable. I can still get bored and uncertain, but it does not bother me anymore and it will not last for so long. I have just become happier about myself and life."  Read more  Read less

Male, 40

Male, 40 - "Today I am a more complete person with a much greater peace inside who has learned to tame my inner demons."  Read more  Read less

Male, 28

Male, 28 - "I have gotten very much out of the process. I have become aware of some things in my way of responding in different situations, as well as what is the reason for my respose. It has made me feel that I have moved on in my life and now on the other side I really feel the great sadness I have had in me for a long time. I have got some methods with me that I can use and I have gained my self esteem. It has been really nice just to be able to open up completely without being nervous about whether what I am saying is taken seriously and acknowledged. I have felt understood. Thank you for an amazing course. I really got so much out of it and now feel that I really have something to work with forwardly. My sadness has become less and I have become a happier person. I still got some work in front of me but I feel really prepared for it. And I will definitely come again if I need it. So again thank you"  Read more  Read less

Female, 17

Female, 17 - "Finally, I can get up in the morning and dare to be myself. I have a lot more energy - thank you "  Read more  Read less

More information

If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.