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Get help with anxiety through online counselling

Panic anxiety - Nervousness/Anxiousness - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Exam anxiety - Social anxiety - Other phobias


Get help with anxietyAnxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. This can lead to isolation, depression and make you keep yourself from doing or saying the things you really long for. 


Anxiety is a normal human emotion - and you are not mentally ill because you are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety.


There are many variants of anxiety and the symptoms may vary. You will probably experience both physical and mental symptoms to some extent.


The physical symptoms can be palpitations, shortness of breath and difficulty concentrating - and the mental symptoms are often negative thoughts, mood swings and emotional reactions such as having a short temper or wanting to cry for no reason.


You will experience the same consequence whether it is exam anxiety, PTSD or generalised anxiety you are struggling with. You feel wrong, cut off from others and experience that you cannot live your life like you really want to and to achieve the things you are dreaming about.


Are you struggling with anxiety or anxiety-like symptoms and feel that everything seems hopeless, the solution may be to write to one of our mentors who are specialised within anxiety.


Here is a selection of what other users have received help with regarding anxiety:

  • Help with getting out of home
  • Scared that something bad will happen to your family
  • Stress-related anxiety

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Rob - "The past year has been one of the hardest years of my life, with my dad being diagnosed with cancer, moving house, starting a new job in management and planning a wedding it all got a bit too much. Ian helped me gain clarity, reduce anxiety at work, sleep better and most importantly enjoy life. With just some a few helpful tips and his understanding of the human psyche he is able to make almost any situation easier to deal with and I would (and often do) wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for guidance in difficult times at work or in their personal life."  Read more  Read less


N.F. - "I have a tendency to overthink things and procrastinate for ages before making a decision. Diantha is a great motivator and helped me face the fears I had about taking action. She was really sweet and great at challenging me when she knew I needed a push"  Read more  Read less


Ohoh - "Mr. Rafael has helped me with several parts of my life. He could see through the core parts on the situations and my issues, too, and it helped me a lot. I could understand myself and the situation better and am able to move on with sound directions to improve the situations and myself. He is also a great listener, gives sound and concrete advice with great understanding, knowledge, and insight. His patience and empathy helped me feel better. You could feel/know his sincere support. I wish I can be a wise and thoughtful person like Mr. Rafael."  Read more  Read less

Female, 22

Female, 22 - "Thank you so much for the great help for my exam. You gave me the right focus. That is what I am good at. At the same time, you made me prepare better than usual - Thank you"  Read more  Read less

Female, 26

Female, 26 - "I came because I was fighting with anxiety. I was afraid I would never travel, go to a concert, take the bus or be in crowds without fear of an anxiety attack and breathing problems. I just could not handle the thought of such a life. In therapy I suddenly began to feel my body - legs, arms, breath - and got in contact with myself. It opened black holes from my life which I had forgotten. When we started I remembered nothing from before 9 years ago - it was completely closed - suddenly my memory opened from my childhood. It was crazy. The fear has disappeared. My access to my body helped me. Before it was closed from the head and down and now I feel my feelings and it is easier to feel my needs. Now my life is not so full with worries anymore, I understand myself and I can put on feelings that were strange to me before. I now remember what my body recalls. My goal was to travel and I have been to Bali on a fantastic trip - without fear."  Read more  Read less


Female - "The conversations have helped me identify the real problems and see the anxiety in my eyes without letting it take over."  Read more  Read less


Female - "It is so crazy! I have simply learned to control my phobia of snakes! As long as I remember, I have been afraid of snakes."  Read more  Read less


Male - "I had a goal when I started the process with you to take the elevator at certain places with another person, and I have so far reached the goal. I can now take the elevator alone if it is necessary and that is without a doubt your profit. You have been sweet, inspiring, competent and interested as a psychologist which has given me tools to work with my claustrophobia. These tools I can always use in situations where I need them. When I write a psychologist, it is of course because you have some learned techniques that you use but first and foremost you are an insightful person who I have had a great time learning to know."  Read more  Read less

Female, 39

Female, 39 - "I have lived with a childhood trauma my whole life. I have tried everything, but nothing helped. I have been far out, but now I am back to being myself. It is unbelievable, but now I can handle my own anger and anxiety to do something with myself. I am in contact with myself and I know what is happening now. Now I am even more curious about getting better and to be better at taking it easy."  Read more  Read less

If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.