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Yvonne Marie Hinckesman

United Kingdom Northampton| Age:60
A counsellor is a person, who gives advice, but is non directive.

About Yvonne Marie Hinckesman

I am a Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming will use deep listening, effective questioning and specific skills to help you to find your strengths, and to challenge your areas to be worked on. I will explore your limiting beliefs and help you to find a positive outcome with regard to a practical solution, in order to get you to where you would like to be. Friends and family often give advice that is best for them and not for you but an N.L.P. practitioner will never judge you or make decisions on your behalf. It is your life and I can support you to live it your way. I relate to persons of all ages, gender and nationality by using my multi-cultural background and skills to maximise good, honest communication. Support is ongoing for as long as you need, but treatment is generally short term. What do you want from your life? Do you... Want to be happier Want to learn new skills Want to enjoy your job Want to increase your confidence Want a better social life Want a better work/life balance I also practice a physical therapy called Neuro Muscular transmission. SO WHAT IS N.M.T? NMT is a form of soft tissue manipulation that makes use of the body’s own communication systems, through the connections between muscles, nerves and the brain. By using touch in a specific way, sensory nerves relay information to the brain, to facilitate reprogramming of the mind/body system, to restore health to the optimum level. Neurotransmitters in the muscles respond, initiating a process of reprogramming. Tensions are released and restrictions eased with excellent long-term results. This treatment works well with Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy CONDITIONS successfully treated include Ankles Back pain Bursitis Calves Depression Endometriosis Frozen Shoulders Hamstrings Hips IBS Knees Migraines Muscle Spasms Sinusiti as well as general aches and pains due to physical and emotional conditions surrounding Childhood, Family and Work related issues. THE PROCESS HAS 3 DIFFERENT STAGES 1)Resolution of the problem which may be acute or chronic. 2) Support through a transitional period while the body adjusts to the changes which are taking place. 3) Maintenance if the problem is aggravated by work or repetitive activity WHAT HAPPENS DURING TREATMENT? During treatment you remain fully clothed, sitting, standing or lying down. A combination of gentle or firm, or no pressure will be applied. As there is little discomfort, most people find treatments pleasant and relaxing. HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL I NEED? Treatment may include the whole body or specific areas. No two treatments are the same. Initially treatments are 7 days apart, becoming less frequent once the basic problem been resolved. Some problems may go back as far as 40 years, but the length of the treatment will depend on the lifestyle of the client. Generally speaking it is not long- term work. Three treatments are recommended for basic problem. Your progress will be monitored to ensure complete care and attention. FOLLOWING TREATMENT YOU MAY FEEL No different but this does not mean that nothing has happened. Slightly disorientated or light-headed for 5 to 10 minutes. Very tired for 24 hours Nothing for 24 hours then slight discomfort, sometimes in another part of the body If for any reason you feel that the onset of pain lasts for more than three days, then please contact me for a minor adjustment, as this may be associated to twists in your muscles as you go back to the same routines at home and work. MEMORIES OR EMOTIONS MAY COME TO MIND FOR TWO OR THREE DAYS. THESE ARE SIGNIFICANT AND ARE DIRECTLY RELATED TO THIS TREATMENT In 2005 I put pen to paper and my novel “RELATIVELY SPEAKING” was printed. This is a true story of my life, as seen through the eyes of a hurt inner child, as She struggles to keep harmony with family and relatives. The learning curve, which I have experienced, is bitter-sweet, resulting in a change of direction onto the path where I am today. I intend to use my book as a tool to assist others as they walk their journey, so that you understand your life experiences (which I had to work out for myself). After furthering my studies I have devised a Therapy/Educational system called B. A. S. E. i.e. Belief Anger Self Esteem. It's a set of instructions to assist you to ‘touch BASE with your emotions.’ Therefore, I endeavour to not only help you to manage your concerns and symptoms, but to assist you with finding the root cause of your concerns (if appropriate) so that you too can live your life to the full.

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Physical Therapy /Home & Work
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One to One
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60 min
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Professional address: Callistherapy, 18 Oxford Street, NN8 4HY Northampton
Wellinborough, Northampton

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