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What is GoMentor?

About GoMentor

GoMentor plays a role in the market for therapy, coaching and HR which no other company is currently able to match.
This website gives you an overview of our numerous partners in different areas, and it enables you to compare their fees, opening hours, areas of expertise, skills, qualifications and references.

It is our aim to provide you with rapid help to meet your challenges – whether you are a private individual looking for a psychologist, psychotherapist or coach, or a company with HR requirements – regardless of the geographical distance between you and your preferred GoMentor partner.
Accordingly, at GoMentor, you can choose your preferred means of communication: online, telephone or meeting your GoMentor partner face-to-face.
This gives you a much better chance of finding your perfect partner – regardless of your location.
Of course, all conversations are 100% confidential, regardless of how they are conducted.

GoMentor Private

Many people find it difficult – even confusing – to get a clear overview of the different therapists available in the UK

Questions such as “What kind of therapist should I choose?”, “Who is best equipped to help with my particular challenge?”, “How do I know if this therapist is any good?”, and “How much does it cost?”typically surround the search for the ideal therapist.
GoMentor’s mission is to create greater transparency in the field of therapy for anyone who is looking for a psychologist, psychotherapist or coach based in The UK.
At GoMentor.com you can find an overview of our numerous partners (psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches) who can help you with your challenges in many different ways.

Accessibility is an important keyword for GoMentor.

This means that no matter where you are, it must be possible for you to get help quickly to meet your challenges.
We actively work to break down geographical barriers, thereby allowing us to create the ideal match between private individuals and GoMentor partners – regardless of their location.
With this in mind, making use of modern forms of communication is a natural step.
Consequently, at GoMentor you decide whether you want to meet with your preferred GoMentor partner in the traditional way, whether you want to speak by phone, or whether you want to use some form of online communication.
It’s entirely up to you.
Of course, all conversations are 100% confidential, regardless of how they are conducted.
Click here to search our database of expert partners.

Clicking on the links below takes you to a list of our therapists:

GoMentor Match

If you think that finding the right kind of therapist for you is difficult,  you’re not alone.
At GoMentor, we have set up a match feature for this very reason.
You describe your challenges, and we’ll help you find the GoMentor partners who are most likely to be able to help you.
Remember that the more detail you provide when you describe your challenges, the better we’ll be able to match you with the ideal partner to help you in your particular situation.
Your description will be encrypted, and it will only be shown to a select number of therapists who are experienced in helping people with similar challenges.

The question of location

You may choose to meet in person with a psychologist, psychotherapist or coach, in which case we will only search for relevant partners in your vicinity.

If you’re also happy to use an online psychologist, psychotherapist or coach, this will give us more options to help you – we’ll then focus on finding you a GoMentor partner who has exactly those areas of expertise you’re likely to need, regardless of their location.
Click here to go to GoMentor Match

GoMentor Business

As the only HR portal in The UK, GoMentor.com is the perfect place for your business to find its next external HR partner. As well as being a marketplace for HR services, GoMentor Business is a reference resource and a digital contact agency, available 24/7.

On our website, you can get a clear overview of our partners’ skills, experience, references and availability.
This gives you a much better chance of finding the ideal HR partner.
At GoMentor Business, we work with the following key skills:

  • Recruitment and search
  • Careers advice
  • Outplacement
  • Coaching and mentoring 
  • Stress management
  • Personality tests
  • Business psychology services
  • Management and staff development
  • HR management and consulting
  • Team development
  • Temping services and interim staffing
  • Secondment

At GoMentor.com you can either conduct your own search for the external HR partners you need, or you can choose to contact GoMentor, who will then help you get in touch with relevant HR partners. 

  Click here to search our database of HR partners 

GoMentor Consulting

GoMentor Consulting is the only agency in The UK that is able to provide services across all HR specialist areas.
We are experts in tailoring the ideal solution for your company, so you won’t have to look elsewhere.
GoMentor is a different type of consultancy, as ultimately it is our highly specialised external GoMentor partners who will provide the relevant services to your company.
GoMentor Consulting offers all types of external HR services that a company could require.
These include the following main areas:
Recruitment, outplacement, temping services, interim staffing, careers advice, coaching and mentoring, stress management, personality testing, business psychology services, management and staff development, team development, secondment and HR consulting in general.

Online Video

At GoMentor, we don’t believe that location should be a restricting factor in terms of possible cooperation between you and your preferred GoMentor partner.
Because of this, we focus on keeping close track of advances in technology, which enables us to offer you as many ways of communicating as possible.
This means that in addition to traditional face-to-face meetings, we can also offer online meetings directly between you and a GoMentor partner.

At GoMentor, you are able to order online video sessions and use Skype.
There can be many reasons for choosing an online form of contact – perhaps your preferred GoMentor partner is at the other end of the country, perhaps you want to cut down on transport time, perhaps you really don’t like sitting in a waiting room, or perhaps you don’t live in The UK but still want to contact an English GoMentor partner.
At GoMentor, we therefore give you the option to include online meetings as a supplement or as an alternative to meeting face-to-face.
The choice is yours.
Of course, all conversations are 100% confidential, regardless of how they are conducted.

Advantages of online sessions:

  • You can meet wherever you want, whenever you want
  • No transport required
  • Less time spent waiting
  • You can choose a GoMentor partner regardless of their location

GoMentor Groups

In addition to using technology for individual online video sessions, GoMentor has decided to offer online video groups as well – GoMentor Groups.
Examples of these are therapy groups, coaching groups, mentor groups and networking groups. The purpose of creating such groups is to allow people in similar situations to meet up in an online forum.
GoMentor also organises physical groups.
Contact GoMentor to find out more about online and physical GoMentor groups.

Who are GoMentor

GoMentor has a group of owners, a board of directors and a management team. Together, they provide a strong mix of skills in the fields of internet business and HR.

Søren Christiansen, Chairman of the Board
Søren Christiansen is a shareholder and a highly committed chairman of the board at GoMentor. Søren Christiansen founded and was for several years the managing director of AS3, one of the most successful consultancy companies in Denmark today.
Søren is also member of the board in various companies within Denmark.

Jesper Buch
Jesper Buch is a shareholder and member of the board at GoMentor. Jesper is one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs and seed capital investors in Denmark. He is also a shareholder and investor in Just-Eat, Miinto and Autobutler. 

Claus Kaaber
Claus Kaaber is a shareholder, member of the board and Managing Director of GoMentor. Claus started his career as a lawyer and has a broad background as chief executive in the public sector.
Until 2008, Claus Kaaber was CEO of the Danish tax authority, SKAT, and he then became self-employed, running his own consultancy business before joining GoMentor in 2011.

Kim Staack Nielsen
Kim Staack Nielsen is a member of the board of GoMentor and Managing Director and Chairman of The Danish Association of Personnel Managers – www.PID.dk. Kim is highly committed to working on an international level, and over the years he has been actively involved in EAPM, European Association for People Management, at one point as their Vice President.

Other shareholders include:

  • Carsten Stokholm Mikkelsen – Miinto, Just-Eat etc.
  • Miracle A/S
  • Ditlev Bredahl

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