Iben Folkmann - Coach, Psychotherapist

Iben Folkmann

Coach, Psychotherapist


Online services

We use the information to match you with the psychologist, therapist or coach that is best capable to help your with your situation.

At GoMentor online sessions are held via a stable and secure video platform, which is specially designet for use with psychologists, therapists and coaches.

The advantages includes that there are no physical restrictions, and that it's often cheaper and has shorter waiting times. GoMentor's platform for online sessions is stable and secure (encrypted), which means the security and confidentiality is best in class. The platform is approved by the Danish psychotherapist organisation.

Online sessions require an internet connection and can be used on a PC, Mac or via our app to iPad and iPhone.


Change often feels unsafe - that's one reason why we need help for this process.

My approach - I work holistically with the thought of you as a complete individual. I meet you equally and respectfully right there where you are. You get the opportunity to break down barriers, find motivation, change strategies and internal states. I help to open up and focus on what you need.

Let joy be a bigger part of your life.



Here you get the time and inspiration to develop the most important tool - YOU! We take care of it, that prevents you from being right where you want to be. Ideas, challenges, opportunities, constraints and dilemmas turned and explored, so new paths become visible and attainable. Themes are often in play in coaching: personal values, vision and passion, communication and assertiveness, career change, motivation, cooperation and relationships.


In therapy you get access to address items you might not otherwise have the opportunity to take care of. Therapy is offered to explore and modify the symptoms and conditions are not good and useful to you. Therapy takes the conversation to suit your pace and need for security / openness. I make use of different methods; For example. be visualization, art therapy, mindfulness, cognitive or hypnotherapy. You are even helping to choose what works for you.


I work professionally and with ICF and Danish Psychotherapist Association's ethical guidelines. I am a qualified NLP Master Coach and Psychotherapist MPF and certified EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association).

If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or otherwise are at risk, you should not use GoMentor. These resources can help you with immediate assistance.