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Hi there ... Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself.
I’m JO Short and I’m a catalyst for change... I help people mainly with NEGATIVE issues to CHANGE HOW THEY VIEW / FEEL /and BEHAVE in & around those situations that involve NEGATIVITY being engendered within themselves.
Things like .... Dealing with Difficult People – a boss or a client or even a relative ? AND... Public Speaking / Job Interviews / Fear of Spiders / Smoking /Weight, anything ...
Most people have some negative feelings, which they could well do without – not many saints among us these days, life is just too hectic for that!!!

Anything that starts to limit your life is a target for change. It doesn’t have to involve phobic responses or panic attacks, although things can and do develop into this scale of intensity and I often deal with those, mostly, its something attached to frustration/ anger & a feeling of having to just get on with things as they are. A feeling that LIFE CONTROLs us not US CONTROL our lives. Waking up to ‘how negative things have become’ and wanting to become positive again.

This occurs often within the workplace – TEAMS who are meant to work and pull together get lost and start nit-picking either openly or undercover – both are potentially destructive to the fellowship and productivity of the team ... and ultimately the firm they work for. And the knock on stress that all that negativity produces is also going to have a knock on effect on others around the dysfunctional team. (Like ripples round a stone thrown into water)
To sum up – I am a catalyst for change – both personal change and change within the workplace. I have many skills to help me accomplish CHANGE – I am a MASTER NLP practitioner / Life Coach / Hypnotherapist / EFT Advanced Level3 Practitioner/ I have extensive skills and experience in Relaxation Techniques such as Visualisation & Meditation. I run workshops introducing these skills to interested groups.

Wearing my other hat - I am an HOLISTIC Therapist – which means that I have ADVANCED LEVEL Knowledge and skills in Aromatherapy Massage / Remedial & Sports Massage / Indian Head Massage / Reflexology / & Reiki .
So...Whether you wish to change to a positive way of thinking or just need to chill out the choice is all yours.
What’s really important is paying attention to the WHOLE person – MIND/ BODY/ HEART and SPIRIT.

I love what I do in it’s many and varied forms so do please contact me for more information on how together you can have the life you deserve.

So with JOan as your guide are you ready now to start exploring?


If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or otherwise are at risk, you should not use GoMentor. These resources can help you with immediate assistance.