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Edith Carlin


Online services

We use the information to match you with the psychologist, therapist or coach that is best capable to help your with your situation.

At GoMentor online sessions are held via a stable and secure video platform, which is specially designet for use with psychologists, therapists and coaches.

The advantages includes that there are no physical restrictions, and that it's often cheaper and has shorter waiting times. GoMentor's platform for online sessions is stable and secure (encrypted), which means the security and confidentiality is best in class. The platform is approved by the Danish psychotherapist organisation.

Online sessions require an internet connection and can be used on a PC, Mac or via our app to iPad and iPhone.


The Halcyon Clinic was established by a team of leading clinical hypnotherapists and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Practitioners to meet the ever changing needs of our growing client base.

The clinic offers the opportunity to consult with some of industry's best practitioners. Unresolved issues can be discussed, assessments given and resolutions commenced.

Recommendations by numerous clients make us one of the most successful clinics today.

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

The first step of recognising that you have a problem is the hardest. The second step is taking the action to deal with it. You have already recognised the first step as you are reading this. You are therefore already halfway to resolving your issue - congratulations!

Having successfully helped many clients to overcome their anxieties and fears through therapy, Edie Carlin, our leading practitioner is way ahead in her field. Working alongside Edie a team of professional clinical therapists offer a wide range of expertise. Edie is also an Inner Child Therapist and a Drug / Alcohol Therapist, too.

We understand the needs encompassing the stresses, which comes with today’s hectic lifestyles. Social stressors, smoking cessation, weight management, anxiety, financial difficulties, divorce, confidence building bereavement and debt are only some of the areas of expertise we deal with on a daily basis.

Our growing client base needs to restore their balance of a healthy body with a healthy mind in order to cope with daily pressures, and the Halcyon Clinic can help with this.

Our clinic is based in the North East of England, and Edie and her team are prepared to travel to your home in order to assist in any trauma or anxiety you may be experiencing.

If you prefer to make an appointment to have a free consultation at our clinic please contact us knowing that you are not alone with your problem, and that a team of experienced professionals is here to help whatever your issue may be.

Whether you are an individual needing one to one support or a large corporate industry wanting a team of professionals to motivate staff and reduce workforce stress no problem is too small or too large that we cannot accommodate you; merely contact us for more information.


If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or otherwise are at risk, you should not use GoMentor. These resources can help you with immediate assistance.