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Denis Gorce-Bourge

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Psychotherapy is a 'talking' therapy, helping to overcome emotional & behavioral anxieties
Psychotherapist ,
A coach helps clients determine and achieve their personal goals.

About Denis Gorce-Bourge

I am NLP Master, Practitioner in Hypnosis,Time Line Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Psycho-Kinesiology. I am as well fully trained in Visualisation and Transactional Analysis. Recently trained in Reiky (Level 1). Co-Author of a book called "101 coaching strategies and techniques", it has been published last year and you can find it online on Amazon. I help people in their professional and private lives. Very often, the solution for the person is around what the person tries to hide, what the person is ashamed of. When we understand that their is nothing to hide, that change is possible and that we are the master of our kingdom, things can start to shift. You can tell that you have been thinking and working and trying for many years without major breakthrough, it does not mean that you can't change. You did not find the right door, the right resource so far. Let me help you with a new approach and a fresh eye on your situation. We all are a treasure waiting to be discovered. Emotional issues, self confidence, sexual identity, assertiveness, relationship difficulties, we can do something and make a difference for a more enjoyable life. Find the courage for the first step and then your inner power will help you. You can contact me 0044 (0) 208 7789894 & 0044 (0) 7815 844134 or go on the website www.gblifecoaching.com

Services offered by Denis  Gorce-Bourge


Description Time
Free Pre-Session
10 min 0,00 Book Session
For any side of your life where you feel that you struggle, I can help you find your solutions, From my experience, most situations are maintained by limiting beliefs. Facing those limiting beliefs and questioning it is a gate towards more freedom, creativity and deep changes in life.
Life Coaching
This service contains multiple sessions
60 min
90.00 Book Session

Professional address: 92-94 Tooley Street, SE1 2TH  London

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