Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction

When a person exhibits symptoms from several sexual disorders at the same time, they may be diagnosed with unspecified sexual dysfunction. Symptoms will include some or all of those found in other sexual dysfunctions, including pain during intercourse, inability to achieve an orgasm, low sex drive, as well as other physical and psychological problems. The causes of this sexual disorder are going to vary because of its unknown nature, but treatment options are available, including online therapy for unspecified sexual dysfunction here at GoMentor.com.

Causes of Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction

The causes of an unspecified sexual dysfunction may be physiological or psychological in nature. For some, it will be a combination of physical and mental. Some of the psychological reasons stem around past sexual abuse, stress, or other emotional disorders, including depression. There are also a wide range of physical causes of unspecified sexual dysfunction, including damage to blood vessels or nerves in the genital region of males and females. These can be caused by injury or disease. Whatever the exact causes of this disorder, there are many symptoms that may appear as well as quite a few dangers associated with it.

Symptoms and Dangers of Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction

As mentioned, the symptoms of unspecified sexual dysfunction are going to vary wildly from person to person because they appear in different ways and are similar to a host of other sexual dysfunctions. That said, if lack of sexual activity or performance cause other problems in a person's life, it may be an indicator of unspecified sexual dysfunction. Other physical symptoms include the inability for a male to achieve an erection or maintain it until completion of the sexual act. Females may also have problems with achieving orgasm. (This is more common than you might think.) The list of all the symptoms is rather long, but the important thing is to not ignore them if seen.

Treatment for Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction

Because there are some unknowns that come with unspecified sexual dysfunction, it is important that treatment include therapy and counseling. We offer online psychotherapy here at GoMentor.com. Trained therapists specialize in various sexual disorders, including unspecified sexual dysfunction. After learning more information about the person suffering from the disorder, a plan of action is put into place. Online counseling can give the emotional support that is needed to face something like unspecified sexual dysfunction.

Definition of Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction

Unspecified sexual dysfunction is diagnosed when a person exhibits symptoms of two or more other sexual dysfunctions. Treatment should include psychotherapy, which is helpful for unspecified sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction

  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Inability to achieve orgasm - male or female
  • Inability to achieve erection
  • Lack of vaginal lubrication
  • Low sex drive
  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Personal or relationship problems

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