Transvestic Fetishism

While some men may experiment with cross-dressing at one point or another in their life, when the behavior lasts for several months and begins to have negative effects on a person's life in general, transvestic fetishism may be diagnosed. The degree of the symptoms that appear will vary from person to person, but they center around deriving sexual pleasure from wearing female clothes during sexual activity, usually masturbation. While more rare, this sexual disorder has been known to affect women as well, with them deriving sexual pleasure from wearing male clothing. No matter what sex it affects, the online therapy here at can help. Before explaining how, here are some other facts about transvestic fetishism.

Causes of Transvestic Fetishism 

The exact reason some people develop this sexual disorder is not yet known, but it is known that many people just begin to associate clothes of the opposite with sexual pleasure. As the behavior is acted out, the urges are reinforced, causing problems in a person's life. For some people, the desires may start as simple curiosity that go further and further because of other problems with obsessive or impulsive behavior.

Symptoms of Transvestic Fetishism 

Depending on the degree of transvestic fetishism present, the symptoms will vary in intensity. Some people - mostly men - will hide their fetish carefully, not letting anyone else know about it. This can make seeing the symptoms difficult if not impossible. Other outward signs may materialize, however, including social difficulties and problems with forming and maintaining relationships. The fact that the cross-dressing behavior causes other problems in a person's life is maybe the biggest sign that transvestic fetishism is a disorder that needs treatment.

Treatment for Transvestic Fetishism 

Behavioral modification therapy is one of the cornerstones of treatment for transvestic fetishism. Other aspects of psychotherapy are useful for dealing with the symptoms of this disorder as well as avoiding some of the risks associated with it. As we mentioned, here at, you can book online therapy sessions with skilled therapists who offer online treatment for many paraphilias and sexual disorders, including transvestic fetishism. The trained professionals on know the disorder well and can help give the information and guidance needed to make sure it doesn't cause problems outside of a person's sex life. You can also join the GoMentor Forum to talk with others who are facing similar disorders. This can give much needed emotional support when dealing with some of the secondary symptoms of this sexual disorder.

Definition of Transvestic Fetishism

Transvestic fetishism is a male who is sexually aroused by wearing, fondling, or seeing female clothing. Psychotherapy is helpful in the treatment of this disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Transvestic Fetishism

  • Intense fantasies revolving around clothing of the opposite sex that last at least six months
  • Social impairment
  • Relationship problems
  • Cross-dressing only for sexual pleasure

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