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Terminal Illness

Terminal Illness

Whether you are a patient or know someone who is dealing with a terminal illness, there can be many difficulties that arise emotionally and even physically for some people. Learning to cope with death comes at different times in life for most people, but whatever the age there are symptoms that may appear if coping mechanisms aren't healthy. Here at GoMentor.com, you can find therapists who offer online therapy and counseling for those diagnosed with a terminal illness and those who have loved ones going facing an incurable disorder. Dealing with a terminal illness may be easy for some, but others may need help, guidance and emotional support to get through the event without lasting scars. Grief is a good and natural part of the human existence, but if a person doesn't know how to properly grieve, it may cause problems. Also, facing death may change behavior - in a negative way - for some people. Either way, there is help for dealing with a wide range of terminal illnesses.

Dealing with a Terminal Illness

There will be different methods for dealing with terminal illness depending on who is involved. In addition, cancer sometimes brings with it special circumstances that can be difficult to deal with.

  • Children with Terminal Illness - Because of their age, children facing terminal illness will need special attention and help to avoid have long lasting problems that follow them into adulthood.
  • Parent with Terminal Illness - If a child or even an adult is facing losing a parent, it can bring with it many emotional difficulties. Learning to deal with them is important so that other disorders do not develop.   
  • Spouse with Terminal Illness - A spouse being diagnosed with a terminal illness can cause turmoil for even the steadiest relationships. Sometimes getting outside help can make all the difference in getting through this situation with a relationship stronger than it ever was before.
  • Cancer - There is no cure for cancer, but chemotherapy and other treatments can prolong life. This can bring with it additional difficulties, however.   
  • Friend with Terminal Illness - Dealing with a friend who has a terminal illness can be difficult because you may be close but not too close. Even close friends may suffer through times of trouble when dealing with a terminal illness.

Therapy and Counseling for Dealing With Terminal Illnesses

As mentioned, here at GoMentor.com you can get online help for dealing with everything that comes with a terminal illness. The issues relating to death and moving on are numerous and complicated. This is why it is helpful to get assistance and guidance from trained therapists who specialize in dealing with death and incurable diseases. You can even book online therapy sessions with therapists who can help dealing with cancer - either facing the chemotherapy or facing losing a loved one. Some people may be able to cope with death without help, but there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance.

Definition of Terminal Illness

A terminal illness is a disease or sickness that has no known cure and that will result in death. Therapy and counseling for coping with the emotional aspects of terminal illness is recommended.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Terminal Illness

  • Feeling isolated and misunderstood
  • Feelings of intense rage and injustice
  • Dealing with overwhelming grief
  • Feeling ill-equipped to deal with the situation
  • Denying the reality of the situation
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Denial
  • Exhaustion, anxiety, or intense fears
  • Stress when dealing with health issues
  • Depression

Counselors in

GoMentor.com is the world's biggest online therapy and coaching universe with hundreds of therapists and coaches available for online sessions.

We've listed the top professionals in this specialty below.

Jon Hinchliffe
Jon Hinchliffe
Braintree Hypnotherapist Book session View profile
When you have a problem, do you want someone that can help you as a unique individual? Do you want someone that can help you through that issue and help you avoid similar problems in the future? I provide all this and a money back guarantee
Peter Forsyth
Peter Forsyth
Corby Counsellor/Therapist Book session View profile
A qualified counsellor, to Advanced Diploma level. I am an Associate Member of BACP and I work within their Code of Ethics and Practice. I am working towards accreditation to becoming a full Member of BACP.

Alexandra (Alex) Hawkins
Alexandra (Alex) Hawkins
Coach , Counsellor/Therapist Book session View profile
I have a non judgmental approach to your problem. Very broadminded with years of experience. Take free 15 minutes to see if I can help you. I am well aware that we are all different and your counselling will be tailored for you alone.
Denis Gorce-Bourge
Denis Gorce-Bourge
London Psychotherapist , Coach Book session View profile
I am a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Trainer and Author.

With 15 years experience in the field, I help people with their private and professional life.
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Psychotherapy is a 'talking' therapy, helping to overcome emotional & behavioral anxieties
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