Somatization Disorder

Chronic complaining of physical symptoms that have no known medical cause is known as somatization disorder. Symptoms include a physical pain in one or more parts of the body that can not be diagnosed, meaning the source is entirely psychological. Normally, when tests come back negative, a person with this disorder does not believe the results and insists on another round of tests or finds another hospital or doctor. Because there are serious complications that may arise because of this disorder, you can get online therapy for somatization disorder from therapists on Before explaining how you can get help, here are some other things you should know about the disorder.

Symptoms of Somatization Disorder 

The symptoms of somatization disorder are similar to those of other somatoform disorders, but they generally include pains that have no noticeable physical cause. They may manifest themselves as chest pain, back pain, stomach problems, or any other number of physical symptoms. The common element is that multiple tests show that there is no known medical cause for the pain or discomfort. While the symptoms are mainly psychological in nature, there are some very real dangers associated with somatization disorder.

Dangers of Somatization Disorder 

One of the minor dangers of somatization disorder is the chance of racking up expenses on unnecessary tests that never find a source of the pain. In addition, if the problem persists for a long period, there is a chance that a person will begin to suffer other mental disorders, including depression. An addiction to pain relievers or "medicine" and substance abuse when trying to self-medicate are other serious problems that may result from somatization disorder.

Treatment for Somatization Disorder 

On you can book online therapy sessions with highly skilled professionals who specialize in somatoform disorders and can help with all the symptoms of somatization disorder, no matter what pain is imagined. With online therapy that combines psychotherapy with the Internet, we can help make sure that somatization disorder does not turn into a more serious problem. Learning to deal with the day to day issues that come with this disorder can be difficult, but therapists who specialize in somatoform disorders and can assist with practical help on how to deal with this problem.

Definition of Somatization Disorder

Somatization disorder is the continual complaining about physical symptoms when no medical condition exists to cause the symptoms, meaning they are entirely psychological in nature. A combination of therapy and counseling are helpful when dealing with somatization disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Somatization Disorder

  • Physical pain in one or more parts of the body
  • Long history of being sick even though a physical cause is never found
  • Chronic complaints about pain

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