Sex Addiction

Sex addictionSex is natural and healthy, but for some an uncontrollable desire for sex can lead to health and relationship difficulties. Sex addiction commonly happens to people who are addicted to other things as well, however this isn't always the case. Some only have problems with sex addiction. Symptoms range from having unsafe sex with multiple, anonymous partners to frequent and excessive masturbation. Treatments will vary, but psychotherapy and counseling are effective at helping break an addiction to sex however it may manifest itself.

Symptoms of Sex Addiction

The signs and symptoms of sex addiction will vary from person to person, but here are some of the basic ones you can easily recognize:

  • Unsafe Sex - If you practice unsafe sex frequently, it may be a sign of sex addiction.
  • Multiple Partners - Unsafe sex with multiple partners is another symptom of sexual addiction.
  • Anonymous Sexual Partners - Along with the first two symptoms, if you find you have multiple anonymous sexual partners, it may be sexual addiction.
  • Frequent Masturbation - Masturbation that is excessive (multiple times per day) may be a sign that you are addicted to sex.
  • Public Exposure - If you feel the need to expose yourself publicly, it may be because of underlying sexual addiction issues.

Treatment for Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is defined as long term or compulsive sexual behavior that has a destructive effects on the life of people affected by this disorder. Sleeping with many different people, including strangers, is one sign that an addiction to sex may be a problem. Treatment for an addiction to sex is similar to treatments for other addictions, but there are some differences. At, we understand that, which is why we have partner therapists who specialize in treating sex addiction. Getting help as a sex addict does not have to be a traumatic experience. With guided, online therapy, your problems with sex addiction can be confronted as you are given help to start taking back control of your life. Treating sexual addiction does not have to be a difficult and troublesome process.

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