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Therapy Guide: Psychotherapy Treatment Resources

Also known as counseling or talk therapy, psychotherapy is a branch of psychiatry that focuses on treating patients suffering from mental illness, emotional problems, behavioral issues, personality and psychiatric disorders. Psychotherapy attributes these issues to internal suffering. The aim of psychotherapy is to use communication to treat these issues and reach the subconscious thoughts that influence perception and feelings instead of relying on drugs or other physical interventions. In counseling, the relationship between the client and therapist is emphasized; through building a therapeutic bond of trust between the two, the patient is able to open up and share information about their mood, feelings and thoughts to gain insight into the causes of their problems or negative feelings. The therapist also works to provides insight, asking questions and uses various techniques that give the client self-actualization, helping them become better able to cope with issues in their lives. Psychotherapy can be further divided into various types that use different approaches or school of thoughts.

Behavior Modification/Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Expressive Therapy/Creative Arts Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Group Therapy


Integrative Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy

 Narrative Therapy


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