Personality Testing

Using personality testing, you will quickly gain an understanding of a person’s strengths and areas of development in relation to different types of positions and companies. This is an advantage not only in recruitment, but also in coaching and outplacement processes. When you work with a GoMentor partner who specialises in personality testing, such tests are also used as part of final candidate evaluations, when a company handling recruitment in-house wants to make sure that they have found the ideal candidate. Anyone who is tested will receive oral feedback on their test results as well as a written report prepared by an experienced GoMentor partner. The candidate then has the chance to comment on these results and explain how the outcome of the test is reflected in their actual behaviour. This means that test results are never used in isolation.

The tests can also help to give people a better understanding of themselves. In subsequent conversations with a GoMentor partner who specialises in personality testing, people will be able to focus on how the characteristics identified in the test can best be put into play in their current or future job.

Usually, GoMentor partners are authorised to work with one or more recognised testing tools.

Definition of Personality Testing

Personality testing is used to shed light on the personality traits that affect a person’s behaviour. It also illustrates the ways in which the test subject uses his or her personal resources and how he or she will develop when working for a particular company. Psychological testing is therefore a valuable tool both with regard to existing employment situations and as part of the recruitment process.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Personality Testing

A specific test and procedure to match the context
Easily accessible and internet-based
Option of video-based reporting to avoid spending time on travel
Test results are presented in a positive manner
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